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Netflix drops first glimpse at Dragon’s Dogma anime, coming September

Published: 25/Aug/2020 2:58 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 12:04

by Isaac McIntyre


Dragon’s Dogma fans have finally been given a scintillating first look at the franchise’s 2020 anime series, after Netflix unveiled the Capcom show’s teaser trailer on August 24 ahead of its planned mid-September release date.

The Netflix trailer confirms Dragon’s Dogma will be focused around the story of Ethan, whose heart is taken by a dragon when he tries to save his family from its fiery wrath. He is returned to the land of the living as an “Arisen.”

Ethan will also be joined in his quest for revenge by a “Pawn” named Hannah, in the same vein as Capcom’s 2012 action-slasher. The trailer promises plenty of action, gory violence, and undead battles ⁠— just what Dragon’s Dogma fans ordered.

Netflix has previously said they are looking to “bring the world of Dragon’s Dogma to life” in a faithful retelling. Many of the themes from the 2012 title ⁠— including Ethan’s inner war with a multitude of sins ⁠— do seem to have been included.

Check out the full August 24 trailer here:

Back in May, Netflix wrote, “The story follows a man’s journey seeking revenge. On his way, the man is brought back to life as an “Arisen.” [The show is] an action-adventure about a man challenged by demons who represent the seven deadly sins of humans.”

The series’ computer-generated animation style is also on full show in the 2:29 trailer. Netflix appears to have settled on a cel-shaded production style similar to another animated series in its television catalogue, ‘The Dragon Prince.’

Dragon’s Dogma is animated by Sublimation. The company’s representative director, Atsushi Koishikawa, said Sublimation had “long dreamed” of working on an anime like this Capcom adaptation, which is set for a September release date.

“We’re excited to bring our unique cel-shaded animation that carries hand-drawn textures to anime fans around the world,” Koishikawa continued. “We all feel very fortunate to work with Netflix through this production line deal.”

Ethan will
Ethan will “battle the seven deadly sins” during his quest for revenge in ‘Dragon’s Dogma.’

Dragon’s Dogma will premiere on Netflix on September 17, and there has been no indication the titanic streaming service will knock back the anime’s penned-in release date.

The Capcom video game adaptation joins a number of anime series under the ever-growing Netflix banner. The production company recently renewed Castlevania for a fourth season, and Ultraman for a return run.

A similar anime series, ‘The Idhun Chronicles,’ will also be airing in September alongside the Dragon’s Dogma release date. The Spanish project is based off the Idhún’s Memories book saga by Laura Gallego. It premieres on Sep. 10.

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4 video games that deserve a live-action series after Assassin’s Creed

Published: 27/Oct/2020 22:49

by Michael Gwilliam


With news that a live-action Assassin’s Creed series will be coming to Netflix, fans everywhere are wondering: what is next?

Netflix has generally had success bucking the trend of negative video game adaptations with its The Witcher series and Castlevania, so they have a good track record.

Now, with Assassin’s Creed next up and a Splinter Cell anime in development, the sky’s the limit for the streaming platform.

Here are four video games we want to see get a live-action adaptation in the future.

Snow in Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar Games
Red Dead has a lot of potential as a series.

Red Dead Redemption

Westerns are a genre ripe for premium television – just look at Westworld. With Rockstar’s second-biggest franchise, there are a lot of opportunities given the series’ different time periods.

Plus, the series itself may not have to center itself around Arthur or John Marston, but rather serve as a prequel about Dutch van der Linde.

With a large enough budget, Red Dead could be one of the best franchises to make a jump to Netflix and expand the lore in significant ways.

Shooting aliens in Dead Space
Dead Space
Life and Alien have proven space-themed horror works.

Dead Space

When it comes to video game horror, Dead Space is one of the greats and could make for a great series.

Given the success of space-themed horror films such as Life and Alien, it’s proven that the concept works well.

However, the game may work best as a limited series and keep the focus on seven episodes rather than turn it into a multiple-season show.

Max Payne poster
Rockstar Games
Max Payne is in dire need of a reboot.

Max Payne

Noir is always a popular theme and no video game does noir better than Max Payne.

While the series has faltered with film adaptations, the story and style of Max Payne is too impressive to leave it on the sidelines for much longer.

If the series can land the right director and get the right people involved, there is serious potential for it to be a hit. Combine that with the bullet time theatrics and Sin City vibes and you have yourself a winner.

Sim City 4
Sim City would give writers a blank slate.

Sim City

Of all the games, you may be wondering why Sim City makes the cut. The answer is simple: the disasters.

The original game is iconic, but doesn’t have much in the way of a story, which could make for some unique perspectives and give writers a fresh start to work up something original.

With the game’s many disasters ranging from monster attacks to nuclear meltdowns, crafting a disaster type show could be the best option.