Netflix confirms My Hero Academia live-action movie in the works

my hero academia live actionYouTube: Toho animation

The hit anime and manga My Hero Academia is reportedly receiving a live-action Netflix movie, which is to be led by Legendary Entertainment, the same production group responsible for Detective Pikachu.

Netflix live-action adaptations are something of a meme in the community, especially with so many anime spinoffs having flopped in recent years, such as the infamous Dragonball Evolution, or the more recent Cowboy Bebop series. But there have been some treasures hidden in the pack, such as the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movies and ALITA: Battle Angel.

According to a story from Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Entertainment is handling a brand new My Hero Academia live-action movie, set to release on Netflix.

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My Hero Academia is an ongoing anime based on a hit manga. The story centers around Izuku Midoriya, a hero in training with hopes to change the world.

For those unaware, Legendary Entertainment is a massive American film production group, and is the same team responsible for Pacific Rim, Detective Pikachu, and even The Dark Knight series. Therefore, there is a certain degree of quality execution that is to be expected from this film.

But just because these titles were released under Legendary entertainment, this isn’t to be misunderstood as them being responsible for directing and writing the movies. According to the original source, “Joby Harold is penning the screenplay for the live-action feature” and “the adaptation will be produced by Legendary’s Mary Parent and Alex Garcia.”

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Joby Harold is a screenwriter, known for his most recent work with the Disney+ TV show, Obi-Wan Kenobi. As for one-half of the producers, Mary Parent is primarily known for her work in Dune, The Revenant, and Pacific Rim.