Ms. Marvel theory connects Noor dimension with Shang-Chi and Doctor Strange 2

Josh Tyler

A New Rockstars video tries to explain how Ms. Marvel ties into Shang-Chi and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The fourth episode of Ms. Marvel delved deeper into some of the revelations from the previous episode about Kamala Khan’s origins. And some of those revelations raise questions about things MCU fans already know about the Marvel multiverse.

Spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 4 ahead…

Ms. Marvel episode three revealed that Kamala Khan is a descendant of an inter-dimensional group called Clandestines (sometimes called djinn). Her descendants came from the Noor dimension, which is the source of Kamala’s powers.

However, the fact that the Clandestines came to Earth from the Noor dimension does raise questions about how this fits into the existing Marvel multiverse. Luckily, the folks at New Rockstars have a theory that clarifies how everything fits together.

The Noor dimension opens up questions about the multiverse.

In reacting to the latest Ms. Marvel episode, the crew at New Rockstars discussed how the Noor dimension, which was depicted by the Red Daggers – a group introduced in episode four – as a map laid atop the map of the earth. The Red Daggers also alluded to dimensions other than the Noor dimension.

The New Rockstars posited we have already seen some of these dimensions, which might include Ta Lo from Shang-Chi, the Astral plane (seen in Black Panther), the Quantum realm (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Endgame), and the Du’at (Moon Knight).

However, they clarified that these dimensions are separate from the distinct universes seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the branching timelines introduced in Loki. Instead, there could be different dimensions within each universe (which is the result of a new branching timeline) that are separate.

They point to the fact that the only ways to access other universes require powers (like those of America Chavez) or dreamwalking (which Wanda Maximoff did in Multiverse of Madness). But it seems that people are able to enter these other dimensions, like the Noor dimension and Ta Lo, more freely.

How does the Noor dimension fit within the existing MCU?

Essentially, the theory states that when Kamala Khan was transported at the end of episode four, she did not leave her universe like Dr. Strange or Wanda Maximoff had. Instead, like Shang-Chi and T’Challa, she was able to enter another dimension within this universe that may or may not exist in others.

But, the crew at New Rockstars concluded by pointing out that, since we don’t know the full story of what all these different terms mean, it’s possible that “multiverse,” “dimension,” and “realm” could all be used interchangeably.

With more multiverse-based titles confirmed for MCU phase 4 like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, The Marvels, and potentially others, Marvel fans will be paying close attention to what mysteries these different dimension and multiverses may offer.

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