Ms. Marvel Episode 3: That train vision, explained

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Kamala has a vision in ms marvel

Ms. Marvel’s third episode continued the visions that Kamala has been having. But a vision of a train has left some viewers confused.

The third episode of the newest MCU show, Ms. Marvel, premiered on Disney+ yesterday. As it is the halfway point for the six-episode series, it has set in motion many of the show’s main plot points.

It introduced viewers to the villainous Jinn clan called the Clandestine, showed the history of said villains, and also hinted that Kamala, aka Ms. Marvel, and her grandmother are Jinn themselves. This would explain why Kamala has been having mysterious visions throughout the series so far.

When she first put on her great-grandmother’s bangle that triggered her powers, Kamala was momentarily transported into a glowing otherworldly place, which is likely the Noor Dimension that the Jinn are originally from.

Kamala has been seeing visions of Namja and the Noor Dimension

The train vision in Ms. Marvel Episode 3

Since then, she had been spotting glowing visions of other Jinn, including Namja, the ominous leader of the Jinn, and her great-grandmother Aisha, who was working with the Jinn all the way back in India in 1942.

However, while the majority of the visions and their meanings have been revealed, the end of Episode 3 showed a mysterious vision that fans are getting very curious about.

Where did this mysterious train come from?

At the end of Episode 3, Kamala and the Clandestine battle it out at her brother’s wedding. Near the end of the fight, Namja grabs onto Kamala’s bangle, which makes another vision appear in front of them.

This vision portrays a steam train barreling towards them. While the vision is brief, it is clearly significant, and it has left fans with a lot of questions.

What does the train mean in Ms. Marvel?

The train actually has a lot of significance for Kamala’s family, and potentially for the Jinn too.

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The train seems to be a train to Karachi, Pakistan, which makes it the same train that was mentioned in Episode 2. Muneeba, Kamala’s mother, had explained how their family had jumped on that train in order to escape India during the Partition in 1942.

Apparently, it was the last train available, and Kamala’s great-grandmother disappeared right before Muneeba jumped on. They never saw Aisha again. Neither did the Clandestine.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel battles it out with Namja, releasing a vision in the process

Not only that, but Kamala’s grandmother, Sana, who is still living in Karachi, apparently also got the same vision of the train, and at the end of the episode she calls Kamala and demands that she come and visit her there, since Sana never travels. This makes Sana equally as mysterious as her disappearing mother, especially since the way she managed to make it back to the train by herself on that fateful day was apparently by following a trail of stars back to her father.

It seems clear that going to Karachi will help uncover the history of the Jinn, and of Aisha’s strange disappearance.

Why does Kamala get visions in Ms. Marvel?

Since Kamala often gets visions when her great-grandmother’s bangle is touched, her visions clearly have some connection with the Jinn and the Noor Dimension. And since the Clandestine want Kamala to open a portal for them – which could potentially destroy the world in the process – the visions could be forms of mini-portals themselves.

However, given their link between Aisha, Sana, and Kamala, the visions may actually be a way for the Jinn to communicate with one another.

Since the bangle was originally Aisha’s, and touching the bangle triggered the vision, this train could very well be Aisha trying to tell her family that she is still alive, and that Kamala must go to Karachi and find out more about the day she disappeared.

It could also be her way of telling Namja that, since she sees the vision too, and it’s unclear whether or not Aisha is still working with the Clandestine. Perhaps Aisha is trapped in another dimension, and this is her only way to communicate with anyone.

The show still has a lot to background to cover, but with Kamala traveling to Pakistan in the next episode, fans can get excited about these mysterious visions finally being fully explained.

The fourth episode of Ms. Marvel hits Disney+ next Wednesday, June 29. Read our review of Episode 3 here.