Most underrated horror movies to watch this Halloween: It Follows, Devil’s Backbone & more

Guillermo del Toro / Pathé / RADiUS-TWC

Horror fans looking for a new film to watch this spooky season may be at a loose end, but we’ve gathered a list of some of the most underrated horror movies you can watch this Halloween.

Not all horror movies are well known or were huge box office smashes when they were originally released, with many building a cult following over the years.

The following underrated horror movies are all well thought of by seasoned horror connoisseurs, but most people will be less familiar with them. What’s more, they’re also guaranteed to make you want to sleep with the lights on for the next few nights.

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underrated horror moviesRADiUS-TWC
It Follows and is never far behind.

Underrated Halloween movies

Whether you’re looking for zombies, Werewolves, or other horror movie trips, our list of underrated movies will have you reaching for that blanket in no time.

The Devil’s Backbone

Santi stalks the halls of the Orphanage.Guillermo del Toro
Santi stalks the halls of the Orphanage.

The Devil’s Backbone is a Spanish horror movie written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, with this classic ghost story arguably elevating del Toro to stardom.

Set in 1939 during the Spanish Civil War, a young boy named Carlos arrives at an orphanage after losing his parents to the war. Here, haunted by the ghost of another boy called Santi, the movie is full of chilling scenes set throughout the dark corridors of the orphanage.

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Carlos eventually decides to face Santi and find out what the ghost wants, but Santi also has a warning for Carlos and needs his help to bring his murderer to justice.

The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl walks among the zombiesWarner Bros. Pictures
The ‘Hungry’ remind us of the infected in The Last of Us.

The Girl with All the Gifts is an adaptation of the novel of the same name and might be one of the most underrated zombie movies of all time. The film and novel’s plot are eerily similar to The Last of Us, featuring both a fungal plague that has turned the world’s population into zombies and a girl who’s apparently immune who may be the key to finding a cure.

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Despite its similarities, it still explores different themes to The Last of Us, making it feel fresh. Tense, heartbreaking, and full of fantastic performances from its cast members, The Girl with All The Gifts is one underrated horror movie to not skip over.

It Follows

The Entity sneaks up on the charactersRADiUS-TWC
The Entity forces its way into Jay’s bedroom, even assaulting her friends.

It Follows is a masterclass in modern horror. Featuring a girl named Jay who’s stalked by an unknown murderous entity, it slowly walks after her, taking the form of those she loves in an effort to taunt her. Should it catch up to her, it lashes out violently, forcing her to run for her life.

Initially, Jay is the only one who can see the entity, although others are able to interact with it once convinced it’s real. While Jay is able to pass on the entity to others in the same way she inherited it, once it’s killed that person, it returns to chase after her.

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As it follows after Jay for most of the film out of sight, its quiet, unrelenting persistence is utterly bone-chilling. It Follows is one of the most underrated, original, and scary horror films of the past few years.

Dog Soldiers

The final stand between the soldiers and werewolves Pathé
The werewolves in Dog Soldiers are not playing around.

A platoon of British soldiers are on a training exercise in the Scottish Highlands, but when things take a dark turn, they find themselves running for their lives by something that lurks in the dark.

The squad takes refuge in an old cottage in the middle of the woods while werewolves surround them and strike from the shadows. Here, the soldiers need to survive until dawn with dwindling ammo supplies.

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While Dog Soldiers is arguably one of the scariest moves on this list, it also contains plenty of humor. The banter between the soldiers is as hilarious as the insults they shout at the creatures, and the soldiers consider the whole terrifying ordeal one massive inconvenience as it’s keeping them from watching an important football game.


The editor becomes infectedMaple Pictures
The virus flows through the airwaves and infects all who hear.

Pontypool is a movie adaptation of the novel Pontypool Changes Everything by horror writer Tony Burgess. The story involves a radio DJ Grant Mazzy coming to work his usual nightshift as a virus starts infecting the town of Pontypool, turning its residents into crazed killers.

The virus is transferred through language, with certain words and phrases spreading it to those who hear them. Eventually, the radio station is besieged by the infected, and Mazzy realizes the airwaves may be the key to undoing the virus, with some words helping to reverse its effects.

The film puts a fresh and intriguing spin on the classic zombie outbreak movie, offering some thought-provoking commentary about how dangerous ideas spread through language.

Don’t Look Now

The father retrieves his daughter from the riverBritish Lion Films
Don’t Look Now is every father’s nightmare – then everyone else’s.

Don’t Look Now may be one of the scariest movies ever made, but most people don’t realize it until the end. The final scene may also be its most horrific and memorable, becoming infamous in the world of horror.

Released in 1973, the film stars Donald Sutherland as a grieving father who’s recently lost his daughter. As reports of a serial killer begin to increase, he also starts seeing his daughter appearing everywhere. However, despite being aware that he may be in danger from multiple threats, he continues to investigate.

The film shines a light on the psychology of grief and the implications of obsession. It’s a ‘you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone’ kind of message, one which the protagonist fails to recognize until it’s too late.

So, there you have it – the most underrated horror movies to watch this Halloween.

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