Best horror films on Amazon Prime to watch this Halloween


Amazon Prime has a vast collection of horror films that are ideal for getting ready for Halloween. Although you may want to watch these with the lights on!

There’s nothing better than watching a scary movie in the run-up to Halloween. It’s getting colder and darker outside, but you’re safe indoors with your pumpkin spiced latte and an Amazon Prime account.

There are some horror films on Amazon Prime that can’t be watched on Netflix or other services, here’s a selection to keep you busy as the spooky season approaches. Those with Prime accounts can watch these movies anytime as part of their subscription.


The Babadook


The Babadook is one of the most creative and original horror films you’ll ever see. The plot involves a mother discovering that her son has brought home a children’s book called Mr Babadook. The titular character is a creature that stalks and torments its victims. In time, Babadook becomes more than just a story as the events from the book begin to bleed into real life and Mr Babadook makes his presence felt.


This slash fest from director Rob Zombie borrows from films like Saw and Zombie’s own The Devil’s Rejects to tell a grisly new tale of murder and madness. Here, a traveling group of carnies are abducted by killer clowns and stalked around an abandoned factory in a game called ‘31’. While the game takes place, rich people make bets on their odds of survival. It’s classic Rob Zombie and will be loved by those who enjoy his work.

Let Me In

Let Me In is a remake of the Scandinavian classic Let The Right One In. While some people prefer the original others prefer this western remake. Both tell the same story and are gripping from start to finish. The plot involves a child befriending one of their neighbors only to gradually learn that the new kid on the block is actually a vampire and her ‘dad’ is just a human thrall. The protagonist then gets drawn into her web more and more.

Jeepers Creepers 2


We could have added the original Jeepers Creepers instead, but the series hit its stride in the sequel. Not only does the film do more to explain exactly what the Creeper is, but it also tells a much more frightening tale. This time the Creeper targets a school bus full of jocks and cheerleaders coming back from a successful sporting trip. He picks them off one by one and the way he singles out and goes after his victims is absolutely terrifying.

Dawn of the Dead: Argento Cut

Never mind Zack Snyders remake, this is the original and arguably best zombie movie ever made. Remastered and packaged with extra footage, the Argento Cut is George A Romero’s classic at its best.

The plot involves a group of survivors hiding in a shopping mall during a zombie apocalypse. The film riffs on consumerism in ways that its remake failed to do but above all, tells an incredible story of survival amongst an army of flesh-eaters.

Paranormal Activity

A new Paranormal Activity film hitting theatres every other October may make audiences groan these days. Franchise fatigue crept in several films ago. But the original remains a found footage classic – and incredibly frightening. While the concept wasn’t fully original, due to films like the Blair Witch Project, it was the first to bring the horror home in such a grounded and spooky way. The actors involved really are scared at times which just adds to the film’s authenticity.

Evil Dead


The 2013 reboot to Sam Rami’s cult classic captures the spirit of the original in horrifying but fantastic ways. Gone is the slapstick comedy of the sequels, instead the reboot attempts to tell a brutal and gritty story of demonic possession in an abandoned cabin. While the film may not have the charm of the original trilogy, it more than makes up for it with scares and gore.

Cold Skin

Cold Skin is a real treat for horror fans and features a soldier taking on a job as a meteorologist on an abandoned island in the Atlantic. He does so to escape the First World War and get some solitude, but his peace is soon disturbed.

The island is also home to an unhinged lighthouse keeper who’s locked in nightly combat with creatures that come out of the sea and attack his home. However, there’s much more to this story.