The Boys Season 4: Karl Urban teases Billy the Butcher meeting Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Boys Jeffrey Dean MorganAmazon / AMC

Although his role still remains a closely guarded secret, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s arrival in The Boys Season 4 is one fans are eagerly awaiting, with Karl Urban now teasing the community on what to expect when he shares the same frame with Billy Butcher.

Three seasons into its run on Amazon’s Prime Video, the live-action adaption of The Boys has become a smash hit for the streaming service. In just the brief four years since its premiere, we’ve already seen an animated spinoff roll out and production begin on Gen V, a series focusing on ‘supes’ in college.

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Given its immense popularity, the mainline show is only continuing to grow with each passing season. In the most recent batch of episodes, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles joined the mix as Soldier Boy, and now, another Hollywood icon is set to make his debut in the looming fourth season.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is next to get his hands bloody in the violent superhero show and while details on his character have been kept under wraps, we now have a little more to go off. Teasing Morgan’s debut in Season 4, Urban shared some new insight during his panel at Supanova Melbourne, hinting there will be plenty of screen time shared between his character and the new arrival.

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MM, Butcher and Hughie are all expected to return for Season 4Amazon
MM, Butcher, and Hughie are all returning for The Boys Season 4, and it appears they’re all set to cross paths with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s new character.

When asked who is favorite actor is to work alongside when filming The Boys, a process he noted that can take “seven months” to film for a given season, Urban touched on the opportunity to work with Morgan during the most recent production.

“I tell you what.. this season, which we just finished shooting, I got to work with the legend Jeffrey Dean Morgan. F***ing Negan!” Urban yelled, clearly a fan of his role in The Walking Dead.

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“He was an absolute gentleman,” he continued. “I cannot wait for you guys to see what he brings.” Without spilling the beans on any specific encounters, he did confirm Morgan’s character will indeed run into The Boys and in particular, have some dealings with the Butcher himself.

“Butcher and him…” Urban said before grunting. “Look for that one!”

So while we don’t exactly know who he’ll be playing or what he’ll be doing, Morgan’s role appears nonetheless crucial to the events of Season 4.

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With filming now wrapped and post-production underway, fans are sure to be treated to a trailer in the near future, and rest assured, we’ll keep you updated right here at Dexerto as any further details emerge.

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