The Boys: Jensen Ackles will return as Soldier Boy this year

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Jensen Ackles teased that his The Boys character, Soldier Boy, will return for a cameo in the Gen V spinoff show this year.

Soldier Boy played an integral role in the third season of Amazon’s hit television series. Revelations about the antagonist’s past and his ties to other key characters opened a can of worms that fans continue to decipher.

Interestingly, his Season 3 arc ends in a manner that leaves room for a wide range of possibilities in future runs.

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But might Jensen Ackles’ character return in another fashion outside of the main storyline? A recent tease from the actor indicates there’s definitely something special in store.

The Boys’ Soldier Boy to appear in upcoming spinoff TV series

Over the weekend, Jensen Ackles appeared on a Supernatural panel at Creation New Orleans in Louisiana. While fielding questions from fans, the actor offered a quick tease about the future of his character in The Boys.

Ackles told the audience the following, “Soldier Boy pops up for a brief moment in this new spinoff, [Gen V]. In fact, there’s a few cameos from the mothership that come into this spinoff, and my little bit there was heavily [improvised].”

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He added that Eric Kripke, Gen V producer, and Supernatural creator, was on set for his cameo appearance. Ackles continued, “He and I were just, like, we were spitballing ideas and workshopping literally in between takes and coming up with a whole variety of takes.”

TikTok user thehufflepuffhunter captured and shared footage of the panel in the following post:

As of writing, Amazon has yet to confirm Jensen Ackles’ appearance in Gen V, which will premiere on Prime sometime this year.

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Amazon launched a trailer for the series late last year, teasing the superhero college setting and the chaos that will consume it.

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