Is Short Round in Indiana Jones 5?

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Short Round and Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, and Ke Huy Quan in Everything Everywhere All at OnceLucasfilm/A24

Is Short Round in Indiana Jones 5? Following Ke Huy Quan’s Oscar win, fans may be wondering: will he return in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny?

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is the fifth (and likely final) chapter of the Lucasfilm franchise, catching up with Harrison Ford’s fedora-wearing, whip-wielding archeologist during the ’60s Space Race as he tries, once again, to stop the Nazis.

Steven Spielberg has stepped back for this entry, serving as a producer while Logan’s James Mangold is in the director’s seat. Don’t worry, the legendary filmmaker has already given his stamp of approval.

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Ahead of the movie’s release, and coming after Quan’s comeback and winning the Academy Award for his incredible performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once, fans have been asking: will Short Round appear in Indiana Jones 5?

Is Short Round in Indiana Jones 5?

No, Ke Huy Quan has not returned as Short Round for Indiana Jones 5.

At least, that’s what they want us to think. Quan made his debut as Short Round in 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He was just 12 years old at the time, playing a loveable sidekick to the titular hero as they faced off against cultists in India.

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He didn’t return for The Last Crusade, nor was he seen in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, with the actor returning to Hollywood after a near-20-year break, many are hoping to see him reunite with Ford in the franchise.

Alas, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he put a dampener on those calls. “I want to say [yes], but no,” he said when asked if he has a cameo.

“Here’s the thing. I don’t want to disappoint the fans. I’ve joked about it all the time, but reuniting with Harrison after 38 years, that was very special,” he added.

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Quan and Ford took a heartwarming photo together at D23 last year, before embracing on-stage when Ford presented the cast and crew of Everything Everywhere All at Once with their Best Picture win.

This isn’t to say Quan isn’t keen on reprising his role. “I love the character of Short Round. He’s funny and courageous and saves Indy’s ass,” he said during an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“If Disney or Lucasfilm ever come to me and say, ‘We want to do a Short Round spinoff,’ I’m there man! I love that character so much and it would just be incredible to revisit so many years later.”

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits cinemas on June 30, 2023. Find out more here.

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