Invincible fans think Spider-Man is in Season 2

Cameron Frew
Invincible and the Spectacular Spider-ManPrime Video/Disney XD

If the fans’ predictions come true, Invincible Season 2 will have a potential neighborhood guest star: Spider-Man.

Invincible follows Mark Grayson, a high schooler who develops ultra-powerful abilities and struggles to balance the weight of being a superhero, his need to protect the Earth, and being a normal teenager. Who does this sound a bit like?

While one may have spider DNA and the other’s dad is a mighty conqueror from a distant world, Peter Parker and Grayson aren’t that different, and they’ve already teamed up once before in the comics.

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Of course, comics have their own rules, and a Spider-Man cameo in Invincible Season 2 must be out of the question… unless?

Is Spider-Man in Invincible Season 2?

We don’t know if Spider-Man is in Invincible Season 2 – but it actually looks likely at this point.

There’s been a few clues. If you look closely at Mark’s phone in the first teaser for the second season, you can see a blurry part of a comic book cover – this is the cover of Marvel Team-Ups #14: Spider-Man meets Invincible.

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Now, there’s every chance this is just an innocent Easter egg, but Skybound dropped a number of similarly small teases for the Atom Eve special, and when one fan sent a screenshot of the Spidey crossover cover to the show’s Twitter account, it replied: “I have no idea what that is!!!”

There’s more: Josh Keaton was recently revealed to be a new addition to Invincible’s voice cast. For those who don’t know, he voiced Peter Parker in The Spectacular Spider-Man series. He’s reprised the role in several games, including Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions, and he made a brief appearance in Across the Spider-Verse.

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And here’s the possible clincher: Invincible is a Prime Video show, and Amazon has partnered with Sony to develop Silk: Spider Society and Spider-Man: Noir TV shows.

We won’t allow ourselves to get too excited, but the signs are pointing towards a spectacular cameo from the webhead.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Invincible Season 2 here.

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