Invincible creator claims that wasn’t Batman in Season 2 finale

Cameron Frew
Mark and 'Batman' in the Invincible Season 2 finale

Batman seemed to make a brief appearance in the Invincible Season 2 finale — but according to Robert Kirkman, it wasn’t actually the caped crusader.

The first half of Episode 8 saw Invincible travel through several alternate realities at the hands of Angstrom Levy, flinging him across multiverses with zombies, talking dinosaurs, and even a friendly neighborhood… Agent Spider.

The finale also recreated a scene from the comic, almost word for word: in another dimension, we cut to Mark sitting on a rooftop at night, talking to someone with a cape. “I mean, you’re a man who dresses like a bat. And you’re name is… well, I mean, like, don’t you think that’s kind of lazy?” he asks before he’s dragged away.

Everything about that moment is designed to suggest — if not outright say — Mark is speaking to Batman. It looks a bit like Gotham, the cape is styled like the DC hero, and even the music is reminiscent of Danny Elfman’s score. However, Kirkman claims this isn’t the case.

“Listen, I think that sequence might seem to imply a certain thing that isn’t there. That’s not Gotham City. That’s not Batman. That’s a completely different bat character that Mark is referring to,” he told Variety.

“If the audience is inferring a certain thing from it, I don’t have control over that. The audience gets to take from it what they will, but it was never our intention to imply anything remotely close to the Batman character.”

A new animated Batman series is in the works for Prime Video, so securing the rights wouldn’t have been out of the question. Kirkman’s comments are likely just tongue in cheek — but don’t get too excited about seeing Batman (or whoever that was) in the Invincible universe again.

Invincible Seasons 1-2 are streaming now. In the meantime, you can check out all of our Season 2 recaps below, and find out what other new TV shows you should be streaming in April.

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