Invincible creator knows who’d win Homelander vs Omni-Man fight

Cameron Frew
Homelander and the Death Battle fight with Omni-ManPrime Video/Death Battle

Homelander vs Omni-Man: the supervillain face-off of the decade, or an ant being squished under a boot? Well, amid the debate between fans, the creator of Invincible has already weighed in.

Mortal Kombat 1 has stoked the fires of The Boys and Invincible’s fandoms; more specifically, who’d emerge victorious (and probably bloody) from a brawl between Homelander and Omni-Man.

The former is the leader of The Seven, an Avengers equivalent assembled from souped-up human experiments loaded with Compound V. He has super-strength, laser vision, and he can fly. The latter is arguably the mightiest being on Earth, armed with similar powers and centuries-long invulnerability and longevity.

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With Gen V currently airing on Prime Video, Omni-Man’s MK1 gameplay recently revealed, and Invincible due to return to our screens, fans have been arguing over who’d win between the two characters. For Robert Kirkman, there’s a clear winner – and he’s right.

Invincible creator weighs in on Homelander vs Omni-Man

According to Kirkman, Invincible’s creator, Omni-Man would “trash” Homelander in a fight.

In an earlier video shared to Skybound’s YouTube channel, Kirkman sat down with Invincible artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley to pit the titular hero against other characters across the world of comics.

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Inevitably, Homelander came up in conversation. Ottler then revealed he’d already drawn a fight between Homelander and Omni-Man – and Omni-Man “tore him in half and ripped his head off.”

Kirkman said he’d spoken to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg about a hypothetical bout between the two characters, and they “conceded that Homelander is significantly less powerful than Omni-Man, and Omni-Man would trash Homelander easily.”

This does echo the vast majority across social media. “Homelander is a big fish in a small pond while Omni-Man comes from a warrior society, Omni-Man wins hands down,” one user tweeted, citing Omni-Man’s Viltrum origins. “Omni-Man, easily. So far, we’ve seen Homelander bully weaker supes with surprise attacks and have to tag-team to fight one person, whereas Omni-Man has fought strong groups or entire planets and survived,” another wrote.

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Yet, some people seem dead-set on being wrong. “I would say Omni-Man, but Homelander is gonna fight dirty, so Homelander,” one said. “Omni-Man. But you’d be surprised by how well Homelander would do,” another wrote, failing to understand that Omni-Man could turn Homelander into paste with one punch.

In fact, Death Battle already pitted the two villains against each other, and the result was an emphatic, embarrassing defeat for Homelander: Omni-Man ripped out his jaw as his eyes were being lasered and fed him his own heart.

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