Audience recording from “gnarly” 2024 horror movie revealed after vomiting in screening

Cameron Frew
A still of Johnny in In a Violent Nature

In a Violent Nature is becoming one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2024, with one viewer throwing up and others left gasping for air in a secret audience recording.

Horror movies have been using some eyebrow-raising variant of “it’ll make you vomit!” for decades — and while it always works, there’s reason to believe Chris Nash’s subversive In a Violent Nature may be worthy of such claims.

While it’s not uncommon for slasher movies to put you in the POV of the killer (Halloween and Peeping Tom famously did it), this film is told entirely from the perspective of its villain… and, according to the early reviews, it’s packed to the gills with gut-churning kills.

With its marketing ramping up ahead of its release later this month, a recording of an audience’s reactions during a preview screening has been shared online. It’s hard to make out exactly what’s happening — it sounds a bit like a chain being tugged — but whatever it is, it made quite an impact on the viewers, who can be heard gasping, nervously laughing, and even clapping.

According to Film Updates, one audience member was sick during the screening.

It’d be fair to be cynical — but here’s another thing: it’s coming to cinemas unrated. That means it’s not R-rated, nor does it mean it’s NC-17 — the MPAA hasn’t given it any age rating. In other words, there will be blood, and lots of it.

In an interview with Dread Central, Nash teased “Johnny’s” kills. “[He] has his tools. He’s got his weapons. For me, it was about thinking of ways to utilize them in more creative ways, where it’s like, ‘You couldn’t do this with a machete.’ Using the tools to actually do something specific and unique to those [implements],” he said.

Here’s the official synopsis: “When a locket is removed from a collapsed fire tower in the woods that entombs the rotting corpse of Johnny, a vengeful spirit spurred on by a horrific 60-year-old crime, his body is resurrected and becomes hellbent on retrieving it. The undead golem hones in on the group of vacationing teens responsible for the theft and proceeds to methodically slaughter them one by one in his mission to get it back – along with anyone in his way.”

In a Violent Nature comes to cinemas on May 31, and it’ll stream on Shudder at a later date. In the meantime, find out other new movies to stream this month, and horror movies to get excited about in 2024.