Huge Rick Grimes Walking Dead twist potentially revealed in World Beyond

David Purcell
Rick Grime walking dead

The Walking Dead series has been broken into different sets of survivors and stories, but at first glance not many fans would predict new spinoff World Beyond to reveal much about the fate of characters like Rick Grimes. Well, now we know to never make presumptions. 

The latest series, which is running in its debut season, is largely focused on a small group of youngsters looking to travel across the walker-ridden plains, in search for another settlement. A little different from what the community have been given in the past. A fresh outlook.

Now, one of the biggest presences in the show so far is the Civic Republic Military, or CRM. This is a group of survivors that have resources far greater than that of Daryl Dixon, Michonne Hawthorne, and others – like helicopters.

Well, following the release of episode four, we now know a lot more about the group that picked up Rick Grimes. And, it could uncover a plot twist for the former lead, played by Andrew Lincoln.

rick grimes crm helicopter
A CRM Helicopter picked up Rick Grimes back in Season 9. The logo on the side is a regular feature in World Beyond.

Walking Dead’s Civic Republic Military is huge!

During the episode, CRM leader Elizabeth Kublek revealed they have some 200,000 people as part of their community.

In the past, we’ve seen Negan stroll onto the scene with hundreds of Saviours and even the Kingdom, which probably housed a few hundred in its own right. But, with a fifth of a million people backing the CRM during the timeline of World Beyond, it sounds like Rick Grimes is trapped really.

When he exited the show in Season 9 it looked as if he had been saved by all accounts, but six years later – following the time skip in the main show – perhaps he is unable to leave. This could be a reason why he’s disappeared off the scene and why he’s also not able to return.

Further on from that, the real question is how anybody would be able to compete with the CRM later down the line. After all, they have army-level resources, helicopters to move around, and seemingly no desire to wait around and allow other forces to grow in strength.

Rick Grimes Walking Dead future conflict

In the Season 10 finale of TWD, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess walked themselves into a confrontation with a few troops from an unknown cult. The group they are from calls itself the Commonwealth, which some fans may have suspected already.

We’re still in the early stages of seeing how the original survivors will react to the existence of the new-found group. Presumably, Season 11 will make things clearer in that respect. Yet, it does suggest two rival forces with similar levels of weaponry could lock horns some time in the future.

Elizabeth twd
Elizabeth and her CRM appear to have a huge part to play in the future of the main TWD series.

What we do not know just now is which side Rick Grimes will be standing with should a war come to fruition. His previous allegiance might have been for Michonne, Daryl, and others – but who knows what has changed in those six years.

All we have to work with right now are clues, but there are some big ones coming out already from Walking World Beyond. There might be a huge twist in the Rick Grimes storyline coming up soon.