Walking Dead’s Beta actor opens up on potential Whisperers spinoff

David Purcell
Beta in TWD Whisperers

The Whisperers might not be down and out after all in The Walking Dead, as the actor of Beta – Season 10’s biggest villain – has dropped some huge hints that they will appear in the confirmed AMC spinoff series. 

Whisperers were like no enemy the main group had faced before, hiding in the shadows while wearing skin of their prey. Though, with Alpha and Beta seemingly now out of the picture, perhaps fans shouldn’t get too excited about the prospect of never seeing them again.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in the show, just recently confirmed it took some major effort from those on set to find a way he could take down the villain in the Season 10 finale.

That said, it appears they might just have another part to play, if we read between the lines of new comments.

Beta actor responds to TWD spinoff rumors

Alpha Beta walking dead
Alpha knows more about Beta than anybody, but fans still don’t know a lot about his dark past.

Ryan Hurst, who played second in command of the Whisperers group, has gone down on record saying he absolutely loved playing his part on the show, numerous times.

Despite his character’s death, which would usually spell the end for their time on screen, some fans have been toying with the idea of having him return in a spinoff. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he cooly responded.

He said: “I don’t know [if] I can either confirm or deny whether I had dinner with him [Scott Gimble] or not, but that’s pretty much all that I’m allowed to say.

“Look, anytime, anything Walking Dead-related, I’d be there in a nanosecond. I have so much fun with that, and Scott is a great friend. Scott and I can nerd out for five hours straight – he’s a total cinephile, total comic book head. I love Scott.”

Scott Gimble is one of the main people behind TWD’s success on television, serving as the main showrunner from seasons 4-8. He moved to the position of Chief Content Officer soon after, making way for Angela Kang to fill the spot.

Ryan Hurst toys Walking Dead fans with spinoff comments

In a previous Twitter post, Hurst claimed he had some ideas to pitch for a spinoff of Beta in Tales of The Walking Dead, a confirmed spinoff series for the show’s biggest characters.

That time, he tweeted: “I’ve got some ideas…”

Whether or not any of this will come to fruition is unknown at the time of writing.

No question about it, though, things would certainly be made more interesting if we could see more backstory for one of the world’s most demonic characters.