How to watch The Garfield Movie — is it streaming?

Chris Tilly
Odie looks at furball Garfield.

The Garfield Movie is the first fully animated feature film about the sardonic moggy who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. Here’s details of how to watch The Garfield Movie, including if the cartoon is streaming.

Garfield launched as a record-breaking comic strip in the 1970s, before becoming a beloved children’s cartoon in the 1980s.

The character then hit the silver screen in the 2000s, courtesy of two movies that combined live-action with animation, and featured the vocal talent of Bill Murray as the orange tabby.

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt voices the lazy moggy in the new movie, with support coming from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, Ving Rhames, and Snoop Dogg as… a cat.

Is The Garfield Movie streaming?

No, The Garfield Movie is not streaming. The new animated adventure is playing exclusively in cinemas for a limited time before fans can watch the film at home, and has already hit screens in some territories.

The Garfield Movie released in South and Central America at the start of May, meaning it’s currently playing in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay. As well as Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

A week later the movie expanded to the likes of Germany, Norway, Estonia, and India. Meaning that at the time of writing this article, The Garfield Movie has already grossed $36 million at the box office. Meaning it has a fair way to go to catch up with 2024’s biggest movie hits.

Next week — on May 24 — the lasagna-lover debuts in the US and UK, as well as Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Canada.

While this staggered release means Garfield and Odie don’t reach Australia until the end of the month, Taiwan until June, and Belgium, Switzerland, and France in July.

What streaming service will Garfield go to?

The Garfield Movie will stream on Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu in the US.

That’s thanks to a 2021 deal that distributor Sony struck with those streamers exclusively, though exact release dates are yet to be announced.

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