What time is Barry Season 4 Episode 8 out?

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Fuches in Barry Season 4 Episode 8

Here’s how to watch Barry Season 4 Episode 8, the final episode of Bill Hader’s hit show, and what time it’ll be out on HBO.

Barry first premiered in 2018, starring Hader as the titular Marine-turned-hitman who hits a bit of a slump in his life of contract killing, moving from hit to hit without remorse or anyone to spend time with, except his uncle.

On a “business” trip to LA to kill someone for the Chechen mafia, he accidentally ends up in a small-time acting class and gets the bug for the stage. He tries to leave his career as an assassin to pursue his passion, but he can’t seem to overcome his past or escape who he is.

Now, it’s all about to end. Ahead of the release of Barry Season 4 Episode 8, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch it and what time the new episode will drop on HBO and streaming.

Barry Season 4 Episode 8 release date and time

Barry Season 4 Episode 8 will be released on May 28.

In terms of what time it will be available to watch on HBO and other platforms, it depends on your location – so, here’s a rundown of times for each time zone so you know when you can dive in:

Time zoneTimeDate
US Eastern Time Zone10:30pmMay 28
US Central Time Zone9:30pmMay 28
US Mountain Time Zone8:30pmMay 28
US Western Time Zone7:30pmMay 28
Alaska Daylight Time6:30pmMay 28
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time4:30pmMay 28
Brasilia Standard Time11:30pmMay 28
India Standard Time8amMay 29
Eastern European Time5:30amMay 29
Central European Time4:30amMay 29
UK Time2:30amMay 29
Western European Time2:30amMay 29
New Zealand Standard Time2:30pmMay 29

As for where you can watch it, Barry will be available on HBO and HBO Max (soon to become Max) in the US, but it’s not the same for other locations. You can find a list of countries and their respective platforms below:

  • US: HBO and HBO Max
  • Canada: Crave
  • UK: Sky Comedy and Sky on demand
  • France: Amazon Prime
  • Australia: Binge
  • New Zealand: Neon
  • Italy: Sky Comedy and Sky on demand
  • Switzerland: Sky Comedy and Sky on demand
  • Germany: Sky Comedy and Sky on demand
  • Austria: Sky Comedy and Sky on demand

It will come straight after Succession on Sunday nights, if you’re looking to sit down for back-to-back prestige TV (you’ll regret it if you don’t).

Barry Season 4 Episodes 1-7 are streaming on HBO now. Check out the rest of our coverage below:

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