House of the Dragon already lost one showrunner for Season 2

Josh Tyler
House of the Dragon loses a showrunner.

House of the Dragon is seeing one showrunner leave after the first season, but they will be replaced by a Game of Thrones vet.

HBO’s follow-up to the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones has already proven to be a massive hit, becoming one of the most popular shows of 2022.

Critics and fans have praised the show’s writing and direction as a return to what made the original show so great, namely how to build stakes without needing a spectacle.

With such universally positive reviews, it would come as a shock to most that the show is already losing members behind the camera before Season 2 has even shot a frame.

House of the Dragon showrunner exits after Season 1

House of the Dragon loses a showrunner.
House of the Dragon loses a showrunner.

Indeed, the Hollywood Reporter has revealed that co-showrunner and director Migue Sapochnik is stepping down from the show after the first season.

The other showrunner, Ryan Condal, will now serve “as the show’s sole showrunner and continue to work closely with co-creator George R.R. Martin.”

Although HBO is not replacing Sapochnik as showrunner, the show will add Alan Taylor as a director and executive producer of House of the Dragon in Season 2.

In addressing the decision to leave, Sapochnik heaped praise on Taylor and Condal saying that “I believe this precious series could not be in safer hands.”

Despite the fact that there does not appear to be any animosity with this decision, the move will likely puzzle fans. Sapochnik was not only a co-showrunner, he also directed the first episode of House of the Dragon, which became the most-watched series premiere of the year.