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Hawkeye casting sheet reveals new details about Clint in Disney+ series

Published: 15/Nov/2020 15:47

by Emma Soteriou


There are reports that Hawkeye will lose his hearing in the upcoming series, after details from a casting sheet were revealed.

The Hawkeye series is just one among eight Marvel currently has in the works for Disney Plus.

Though the show is slated for either a late 2021 or 2022 release, as a part of phase four, there are already a lot of rumors circulating about what’s in store for the series.

Hawkeye in action
Marvel Studios
Hawkeye in action

What will happen in Hawkeye?

The main storyline of the show is expected to see Clint Barton pass down the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop.


Fans first got excited about this prospect following Endgame, where Clint was teaching his daughter, Lila, how to use a bow and arrow.

One rumor going round though, is that Clint may be facing even more personal challenges in the series.

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, a casting sheet has revealed that Marvel is looking for a Chinese audiologist, which could link to Clint becoming deaf.

Though not confirmed to be Hawkeye, this isn’t as far off a theory as some may think, particularly as, in the comics, Clint loses his hearing after shooting an enemy with a sonic arrow.


There have been no signs so far in the MCU that this is the case for Hawkeye just yet, meaning this event could take place in the show.

Echo in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics
Echo will make her MCU debut in the series

That being said, there is another possibility that this links to another character called Echo, who is rumored to make an appearance in the series. She comes across Hawkeye a few times in the comics and is also deaf.

As for the other addition to the series, Kate Bishop, she is yet to be cast. However, it has been heavily rumored that Hailee Steinfield will be stepping into the role.

With She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel already cast, it’s surprising that no one has been confirmed for the role, especially as she could have a key part in the MCU moving forward, joining the Young Avengers.


The ‘untitled production’ is expected to begin shooting in November, which would also fit with the show’s scheduled release of late 2021 or 2022.

Until then, Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to, with WandaVision available to stream from January 15, along with Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which are also scheduled to be released on Disney Plus in 2021.