Fear the Walking Dead surprises fans with another crossover character

Daniel Megarry

Sunday night’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead blessed fans with another The Walking Dead crossover, as Sherry – played by Christine Evangelista – made her long-overdue return.

The Walking Dead franchise may be known for its overwhelming sense of dread and despair, but the latest episode of spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead gave viewers a rare moment of joy in the form of an emotional reunion.

Much of the new episode was spent building up a different reunion entirely, one between Althea and her love interest Isabelle.

Althea and Dwight worked their way up an office building to surprise Isabelle on the roof, but their path was filled with zombies, rats, and the bubonic plague.

Dwight and Sherry in Fear the Walking Dead
Dwight and Sherry finally reunited in Fear the Walking Dead.

Walking Dead: Sherry and Dwight back together

Realizing that Isabelle would be in danger if she landed her helicopter on the plague-ravaged building, the pair set off a flare to warn her away. It put the episode’s anticipated reunion on hold, but led us straight into another one that was just as sweet.

The flare that was shot into the sky attracted the attention of a nearby Sherry, who has been missing since season 7 of The Walking Dead. Her emotional reunion with Dwight closed out the episode, and brought an end to the latter’s story arc of lost love.

Fans on Twitter reacted positively to the scene, with one celebrating that Dwight “can finally be happy again” and another joking: “Find yourself a love who will go halfway across the country to find you during a zombie apocalypse.”


We’re about to find out more

Of course, fans have now been left wondering where Sherry has been all this time. Fortunately, it seems they won’t have long to wait, as showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly that this will be addressed in the very near future.

“In terms of the question of where she’s been and what she’s been up to, that’s something that we’ll see very soon. Maybe in two weeks,” he teased, adding that Sherry has “undergone some changes” since she last saw Dwight.

Sherry is the latest character to make the jump from The Walking Dead to spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead, following in the footsteps of Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Dwight (Austin Amelio).