Deadpool 3: Who is Patch? Wolverine variant explained

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An unknown actor dressed as Patch in the Deadpool trailer, wearing a white suit and facing away from the camera

The Deadpool 3 trailer revealed a look at what fans believe to be the Patch variant of Wolverine. Here’s everything you need to know about the Marvel character, explained.

On top of becoming the most-viewed trailer of all time since its release, Deadpool 3 (officially known as Deadpool & Wolverine), has already dropped plenty of hints as to what Marvel fans can expect. And on top of some superhero movie-hopping and the inclusion of the ever-present TVA, everyone was keeping an eye out for everyone’s favorite mutant, Wolverine.

While the trailer may have only dropped a glimpse of Logan and his iconic silhouette, there was another sighting of a similar figure. However, eagle-eyed watchers think this might be another version of Wolverine — a variant known as Patch.

Theories suggesting that Patch won’t be played by Hugh Jackman only added more fuel to the fan-made fire. So, who is Patch, exactly?

Wolverine’s “Patch” alter-ego explained

In the Marvel comics, Patch is the alias Wolverine inhabits while on the island of Madripoor.

When Wolverine ended up in hiding on the corrupt Asian Island after the X-Men were believed to be dead, he donned an eye-patch and became known to the locals as Patch. (Very creative.) He was also seen wearing a sharp white tuxedo, though that was pretty much the extent of his “disguise”.

While taking on the Patch identity, Wolverine went about solving a murder mystery on the island, with his true Mutant lifestyle keeping a low profile in order to keep the X-Men safe.

Patch in Mandripoor

When Wolverine first arrives in Madripoor he discovers Dave Chapel, the co-owner of the Princess Bar, dying in the desert. He decides to investigate and finds himself under the eyes of crime boss Roche, who sends his thugs after him.

Logan/Wolverine wearing a white suit and eyepatch

Wolverine then realizes he’s being watched by a woman known as Jessán Hoan (aka: Tyger Tiger), who saves him from an attack by Razor-Fist. She aids him in his recovery, at which point he begins wearing an eye-patch and comes up with his new identity in order to hide the existence of the currently in-hiding X-Men.

Patch then remains in Madripoor for a while, helping Jessán take down Roche and battling the criminal underworld there, until he eventually ended up returning to reality. In the years since, he’s returned to the Patch identity when he occasionally needs it.

Is Patch in Deadpool 3?

While fans think the figure seen in the Deadpool 3 trailer is Patch, it hasn’t officially been confirmed that the Wolverine alias will appear in the Marvel movie.

An unknown actor dressed as Patch in the Deadpool trailer, wearing a white suit and facing away from the camera

Since Patch is more of a secret identity than a “variant” in the comics, the movie would have to approach things slightly differently. It appears as though Deadpool travels throughout the Marvel universe, so it’s likely that they could be treating Patch as an entirely different version of Wolverine altogether.

And since Marvel buffs have suggested that Patch will be played by a new actor, this does support the theory that he could appear as a Logan from another universe. (A few names have been thrown around by eager-to-guess fans, with the main contender being Daniel Radcliffe.)

But this isn’t the first time Patch has been alluded to within the MCU. In the Marvel series Falcon and the Winter Solider, viewers were taken to Madripoor in Episode 3. What’s more, the Princess Bar was shown, which is the dive that Patch frequently visited in the comics. All this has laid the groundwork for the existence of Patch within the MCU.

As Deadpool fans know, nothing is off-limits when it comes to Wade Wilson’s adventures. The Deadpool-Wolverine team-up is a long-awaited concept, but it shouldn’t be surprising if they’ve managed to rope in not one, but multiple versions of Logan.

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