Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman says Wolverine will be “even angrier”

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
An image of Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins Wolverine

Wolverine is set to return in Deadpool 3 – and according to Hugh Jackman, the mutant will be even gruffer than before.

It’s been known for a while – to mixed reactions – that Wolverine will be appearing in the MCU, with the one and only Hugh Jackman still playing him. This will happen in the upcoming Deadpool movie, which will have the mutant appear alongside the titular Merc with a Mouth, played by Ryan Reynolds.

The two actors are close friends, and clearly excited to work together. They will also be working with another frequent collaborator of Reynolds, director Shawn Levy, who also directed the Adam Project and Free Guy.

However, Wolverine likely won’t be happy to work with Deadpool, as according to a recent interview with Hugh Jackman, Wolverine will be “even angrier” than usual.

Wolverine is gonna “take a lot of free shots” at Deadpool

Wolverine initially wasn’t assumed to be seen again after the 2017 film Logan, but a number of fans had hoped he would return, as its hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

However a (somewhat joking) video revealed that he would be playing alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3, though they gave out little information about the situation.

One thing that is known however is that Logan as a story won’t be touched, as it takes place way ahead in the future.

Considering that Disney bought 21st Century fox to make it part of the official MCU canon, it was arguably only a matter of time before we saw Wolverine again. And while some may worry that the company will “Disney-fy” the mutant, Jackman has confirmed that he’ll actually be even “angrier, grumpier.”

In an interview with Associated Press, Jackman stated his excitement about returning to the role: “It’s a lot of fun. It’s been five years and I really never thought I’d come back. And I’m really, really excited to come back.”

When asked about any details he could share on Deadpool 3, he explained, “I do know a little bit about the script, but I’m not going to tell you.

“I can tell you I’m going to have the time of my life. I can tell you I’ve started back at the gym, and I’m eating a lot, and I feel bad for the cast of The Music Man [his current project] with the amount of protein shakes I’m having.”

When asked about how he would be playing Wolverine this time, Jackman revealed: “He’s definitely angrier, grumpy, and he’s gonna take a lot of free shots at Ryan Reynolds, let me tell you,” before adding, “physically, that is.”

Deadpool 3 will premiere on September 6, 2024. Here’s everything we know about the film so far.

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