Cocaine Bear: Release date, plot, cast, trailers & more

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Cocaine Bear is a brand new comedy horror film that looks just as interesting and unique as it sounds, so here is all we know about the film ahead of its release.

Cocaine Bear, the upcoming movie from actor and director Elizabeth Banks, re-imagines the true story that took place in Georgia, United States during the 1980s. This new horror comedy is already shaping up to be a film that audiences dive right into.

Here’s everything you need to know about new movie, including its release date, plot details, confirmed cast and much more.


Cocaine Bear release date: When is the movie coming out?

Cocaine Bear will be released in theatres on February 23, 2023.

Therefore, audiences won’t have to wait too long before they are able to dive into the dark comedy. With the film set to drop in less than a month.

Cocaine Bear plot details: What is the movie about?

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Audiences are eager to see how this movie plays out

Believe it or not, the movie is actually based off of a real life event. However, the early footage for the film appears to be taking the crux of the real life events and changing them up for a much more comedic and imaginative story

In real life, the story of The Cocaine Bear is that an American black bear, known as Pablo Eskobear, sadly overdosed on the drug back in 1985. This incident took place after a large amount of the substance was dropped and abandoned in the wilderness in Georgia, United States.

In the film, a group of people come across the drug affected bear that, in a haze, turns violent and completely irrational. Attacking the people and killing them in a brutal and at times over the top way. So while the movie is being marketed as a comedy, it is in now way for the squeamish or faint-hearted.

Director Elizabeth Banks spoke with GamesRadar, explaining what audiences can expect from the upcoming film.

“Cocaine Bear is a horror comedy. There are a lot of horror tropes that we play with in the film. You know, it’s a bear high on cocaine attacking people! But it’s also a really fun character piece. It’s about a great group of people coming together who are very much in over their heads. Everybody is going after the drugs, and nobody realizes that the bear got there first.”

Cocaine Bear confirmed cast and crew

If there is one thing we know, it’s that this new movie is filled with a star-studded line-up of great actors. From Hollywood icons to sitcom stars, here’s everyone that has been confirmed to be starring in the film.

  • Keri Russell as Colette Matthews
  • Brooklynn Prince as Colette’s daughter
  • O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Howard
  • Christian Convery-Jennings as Henry
  • Matthew Rhys as Andrew C. Thornton II 
  • Ray Liotta as Dentwood 
  • Alden Ehrenreich as Marty
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Bob
  • Aaron Holliday as Stache
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson
  • Kristofer Hivju 
  • Hannah Hoekstra
  • Margo Martindale

Cocaine Bear trailer: Does the movie have a trailer?

The very first trailer for Cocaine Bear was released at the end of 2022 in December. For those interested, the trailer can be viewed here.

As well as this initial trailer, a variety of clips and promo shots have been trickling through as of late. All of which doubled down on the comedy and horror elements of the film. As well as really leaning into the unique plot and focus on the movie.

Cocaine Bear is in cinemas now, and more of our coverage can be read below…

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