Barry fans react to “f*cking terrifying” Sally scene

Cameron Frew
Sally and the man in black in Barry Season 4 Episode 6 scene

Bill Hader’s horror director evolution reaches a new peak in Barry Season 4 Episode 6, with fans left with “sweaty palms” and a fresh dose of trauma from one “terrifying” scene with Sally.

Barry isn’t a comedy. It’s not a thriller. It’s not even a horror – it defies definition, coming equipped each week with a singular set of laughs, scares, and thrills that aren’t being delivered anywhere else on television.

Darkness has flowed through the show from the beginning, but ever since Hader got more involved behind the camera, the intensity has ratcheted up, whether it’s NoHo Hank enduring the sound of a panther mauling people to death on the other side of a fragile wall or Barry’s eerie dreams of purgatory.

In Season 4 Episode 6, Sally endures a nightmarish home invasion in a scene that’s “straight out of a horror movie.”

Barry fans react to Sally scene in Season 4 Episode 6

The scene comes after Sally gives her son John some vodka out of frustration, but he conks out on the couch and refuses to go to his room. She drunkenly stumbles through to her bed and passes out, but later wakes up to find all the windows open.

A man in a black, skintight suit appears behind her, but he doesn’t touch her. Instead, he closes her bedroom door behind her and seems to get in a scrap with someone else. Moments later, a car rams the house and tilts it on its axis, putting a hole in the wall and wrecking her living room.

Was it Bevel getting revenge, or was it all a dream – perhaps it was a bit of both? The jury’s still out, but viewers have been left traumatized by it. “Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Bill Hader,” one fan wrote.

“Barry started as that new funny show from that SNL guy and now it’s that show that traumatizes me every Sunday,” another wrote. “Just absolutely f*cking terrifying holy shit my palms are sweating,” a third tweeted.

“I was genuinely holding my breath throughout that entire scene with Sally like holy sh*t this was straight up out of a horror movie,” another wrote. “If Bill Hader ever directs a horror film I will damn sure be seated because he knows how to build suspense. The way I couldn’t figure out if Sally was just passed out drunk/hallucinating or if someone was really there until the end when you saw the destruction,” a fifth wrote.

“Bill Hader you are gonna be one hell of a horror movie director. The whole sequence with Sally had me so fucking terrified. I’ve never felt like that in my life… like I could feel my heart thumping in my chest,” a sixth tweeted.

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