Barry Season 4 Episode 6: What happened to Sally?

Cameron Frew
Sally in Barry Season 4 Episode 6

In Barry Season 4 Episode 6, an intruder in a black suit breaks into Sally’s home before ramming the house with a car – so, what exactly happened, and who was it?

In our review, we said it “features the scariest moment in television you’ll see this year, the kind of image that haunts you deep into the night as you try to scratch away the memory.”

After the haunting stillness of the time-jump in last week’s episode, this week puts the endgame in motion: Barry heads to LA to kill Gene, Gene tries to kill the biopic and reconnect with his son, and Sally is left alone to look after John, her son who she feels almost no affection towards.

In the episode’s standout scene, Sally wakes up in a home invasion nightmare, stalked by an unknown man in a black suit before her house is nearly destroyed by a car – here’s what you need to know. Spoilers to follow…

What happened to Sally in Barry Season 4 Episode 6?

After resorting to filling John’s cup with vodka, Sally passes out on her bed. Who knows how long she was asleep; 10 minutes, an hour maybe. Suddenly, she’s awoken by a gruff voice: “Hey bitch, I’m coming for you.”

She walks through to the living area and finds all the windows open, with an ominous breeze whistling through the house. She closes them and looks around – nobody, nowhere. She’s surrounded by nothing but dust and wind.

The camera cuts to a wide shot, and a man in a black skintight suit is standing behind her. He doesn’t make a sound – you can’t hear him breathe, and he may as well be gliding across the room. He follows her as she walks back to her room, before shutting the door behind her. We don’t see anything that happens on the other side, but we hear a lot of commotion; the intruder complains about something getting in his eye, and when he tries to wake John up, he says he isn’t breathing.

Sally panics. She batters the door with her fists, screams for help, and fumbles her way through assembling a gun. In a heart-thudding moment, a car rams the house, causing the whole place to tip on its side. Sally can’t do anything but cry and wait for it to stop, which it eventually does.

Who attacked Sally and rammed her house?

The most likely suspects are Bevel and his friends after the events of Episode 5.

To jog your memory, Sally lured Bevel into a bathroom, who believed he was going to get a blowjob. Instead, she kissed and strangled him, pushing him to rip off her wig. He looked terrified, but he promised not to tell anyone.

The next day, Sally told the diner’s owner about Bevel’s advances and accused him of “till-tapping”, aka taking money out of the till for himself, which got him sacked. It makes sense that he’d want revenge, but nobody would have expected such creepy, destructive measures.

Some fans have also suggested the attack may have been a manifestation of Sally’s PTSD without Barry around to protect her, especially given the dialogue we hear is a repeat of what the biker assassin said before she murdered him.

“Even though he’s a psychopath, Sally feels safe around Barry. Even if that means making her give up her dreams for a miserable life. When he leaves her alone, her PTSD resurfaces. Damn. This is… sad,” one wrote.

“Sally’s trauma over the murder of the biker guy growing to the point that she’s now hearing exactly what he said before she killed him is absolutely sickening. And on MOTHER’S DAY?” another tweeted.

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