Arcane’s Ambessa Medarda to grace LoL Wild Rift as permanent champ

Liam Ho
Ambessa Medarda from Arcane

League of Legends’ mobile version Wild Rift has revealed that the title will also be receiving an Arcane original character as a permanent playable champion.

The next season of Arcane is slowly approaching. The massively popular animated Netflix series saw droves of audiences, many of whom have never touched the MOBA in their life. Touched by the fantastic storytelling featuring champions like Ekko, Jinx, Vi, and Jayce, viewers fell in love with the series, yearning for more.

Fortunately, Riot was more than happy to announce that a second season is officially on the way. This new season will be a continuation of the original story, with hints that new characters like Warwick will be introduced.

On top of this, Riot also announced that as part of their ongoing effort to bridge the lore and game, they would be introducing Arcane’s Ambessa Medarda to League of Legends. It seems that the mobile version of the game is following suit, as they’ve also announced Ambessa will be joining their roster.

LoL Wild Rift to receive Arcane’s Ambessa Medarda as permanent champion

In a recent developer update for Wild Rift, head of League Studio Riot Meddler spoke about several topics for the game. This included mentions of Arcane Season 2, which will likely host a bunch of events in Riot titles to celebrate the launch of the new season.

Meddler stated that Noxian Warlord Ambessa Medarda will not only be featured in the second season of Arcane but will also make their way onto the Wild Rift. Ambessa will be joining the roster as a permanent playable champion, similar to the game’s PC version.

There was no release date mentioned for when Ambessa would be released to the game, but should coincide somewhat with the release of Arcane Season 2.

Finally, the dev explained that the final patch of the year for Wild Rift will be heavily Arcane-focused, potentially hinting at more things to come when the new season finally drops.