Antony Starr’s “f**k my life” Gen V Homelander blooper goes viral

Antony Starr as Homelander in Gen V.Prime Video

Gen V fans can’t get enough of a behind-the-scenes clip of guest star Antony Starr bemoaning Homelander’s stunts in the Season 1 finale.

Starr makes a surprise cameo as Homelander in the closing moments of Gen V’s first season. The Kiwi actor originated the villainous role in the Prime Video superhero satire’s parent series, The Boys.

There’s no word yet on whether Starr will reprise the Homelander role again in Gen V Season 2, however, he’s officially locked in for The Boys Season 4. Details about The Boys’ next batch of episodes remain largely under wraps, although showrunner Eric Kripke recently confirmed it kicks off “a couple of days” after Gen V Season 1.

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New posters for The Boys Season 4 also indicate that Homelander will continue to play a central role in the show’s story. This presumably means even more stunts for Starr – something the actor probably won’t celebrate.

Antony Starr’s “f**k my life” Gen V Homelander blooper

Starr’s love-hate relationship with the wirework required to make Homelander fly is on full display in the Gen V set video, which recently blew up on X.

In the clip, Starr utters a steady stream of expletives as he’s hoisted in a harness suspended by two cables. “F**k off [laughs]. F**k off,” he exclaims. “Ahhhhh, f**k my life. F**k this. F**k off. F**king c**ts. Holy sh*t. Okay, please that’s good.”

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Starr doesn’t offer any context for his spicy language, however, he was likely reacting to how far off the ground Gen V’s stunt team raised him. Comments by an off-screen crew member seemingly confirm this, as they reveal that the actor typically films Homelander touching down, rather than while the evil Superman pastiche is in flight.

Gen V has The Boys fans worried

While Starr struggled on the Gen V set, Homelander’s cameo ended up among Season 1’s most talked-about moments. That said, some fans weren’t thrilled seeing Gen V tie in so closely with The Boys’ narrative.

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As one X user put it: “I’m not a fan of this thing where you now HAVE TO watch the spin-off shows to watch the main show. It’s what f**ked up the Star Wars TV shows.”

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