Andor: Is Kleya actually Princess Leia? Theory explained

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An Andor fan theory has been gaining momentum: is Kleya, Luthen’s assistant and Rebel operative, actually Princess Leia in disguise?

Andor is a tonic for the Glup Shitto era of Star Wars. So far, any familiar characters have been reintroduced to serve a specific purpose, not just fan service, whether it’s Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) or Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker).

While we’re holding out hope for a Darth Vader cameo down the line, don’t expect many classic characters to show up… unless one has been hiding in plain sight all along.

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Leia made a surprise appearance in Obi-Wan Kenobi earlier this year, but have we already met the Alderaan princess in Andor under the name of Kleya? Let’s dig into the theory.

Andor: Who is Kleya?

Kleya, played by Elizabeth Dulau, is Luthen Rael’s assistant in his gallery of artefacts in Coruscant.

When visited by a political figure, like Mon Mothma, she acts as a concierge and attends to them and their accompanying security guards. Behind closed doors, she’s another Rebel operative, almost appearing to be in charge of Luthen rather than working for him.

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She has appeared in five episodes of Andor so far, including Episode 8, where she convinces Luthen to disconnect the radio signal that allowed them to communicate with Bix Caleen in Ferrix.

Andor: Theory suggests Kleya is Princess Leia

According to a fan theory, Kleya may actually be a teenage Princess Leia.

In terms of evidence, there isn’t much. However, Dulau’s likeness to a young Carrie Fisher can’t be denied, nor can the costume choice of a red cloak in Episode 7, which is similar to the one worn by Leia in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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The theory was put forward by u/spinach-e on Reddit, who wrote: “I’m gonna speculate that fake names are part of this show’s fabric: Kleya Marki is Leia’s fake name; Luther is just a front man for Leia.

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“Episode 7 focuses heavily on Kleya. Notice the red cape with hood similar to the one Young Leia wears in Obi-Wan series. I’m 99% sure now. If Kleya isn’t Leia, the unmistakable red cape with hood is a huge misdirection. Even her makeup looks the same as the beginning of A New Hope.”

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Andor: Is Kleya actually Princess Leia?

The honest answer: we don’t know. However, while many agree that Kleya could be more important than we realise, there are numerous arguments against the theory.

Firstly, she has an English accent, while Leia does not. Secondly, the canon novel Leia, Princess of Alderaan sets out how she discovered her parents’ involvement in the Rebellion, which would contradict Andor’s timeline.


Thirdly, as one Redditor noted: “I feel like she’d be too well-known to be able to pull off an undercover persona. She’s the daughter of a long-time Senator and heir to the throne of an important planet. Wouldn’t Leia be about 14? Kleya’s actor seems quite a bit older than that.”

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Another wrote: “Leia would be 14 during 5ABY, and she didn’t know of the Rebellion until she was roughly 16. It’s a neat theory but it doesn’t add up to established canon. I believe Kleya is more important than they let on though.”

This theory has gave way to another prediction: Kleya might be Cassian’s long-lost sister, which would explain how Luthen knew so much about Cassian before they even met.

“I actually think that Kleya might end up being Cassian’s sister. Perhaps she was taken from Kenari when he left on that investigative mission as a child and ended up with a rougher crowd, like Crimson Dawn or something, which has made her more ruthless. It would explain how Luthan knows all about Andor,” another Redditor suggested.

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Whoever Kleya is, it’s likely we’ll find out more about her as Andor Season 1 progresses. You can sign up for Disney+ here.

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