Andor Episode 10: Davo Sculdun explained

Richard Dillane as Davo Sculdun in AndorDisney+

Who is Davo Sculdun in Andor Episode 10? Mon Mothma meets a new, mysterious character, so let’s dig into who he is, and why he’s important in the show.

Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) has been one of the runaway highlights of Andor so far. Thanks in part to O’Reilly’s scene-stealing performance, her character is also the most fascinating – she’s a key pillar of the Rebel Alliance, and she has everything to lose.

In Episode 9, Tay Kolma (Ben Miles) raised an issue: the Aldhani heist and subsequent credit withdrawal has put her at risk of being audited by Imperial authorities, so they’ll need to find some financial help.

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Enter Davo Sculdun, a “thug” who could help her out of her mess before it’s too late – but who is he, and what happened between him and Mon Mothma? Let’s explain.

Andor Episode 10: Who is Davo Sculdun?

Davo Sculdun, played by Richard Dillane, is claimed to be the “wealthiest thug of them all.”

Here’s what we know: he’s a banker from Chandrila, though he doesn’t do everything by the book. Fun fact: in Belgium, Davo is the name of country’s alimony claims service, while “schulden” translates to “debts” in Dutch.

It’s unclear who he works for – if anyone – but he’s clearly in the business of helping rich people avoid taxes. “He’ll think you’re just like everyone else he works with,” Tay assured Mon in the previous episode, for example.

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Andor Episode 10: What happens between Davo Sculdun and Mon Mothma?

Mon Mothma and Tay Kolma meet with Davo Sculdun to discuss alternative financial options; aka, bundling together her stolen credits in such a fashion that they can be deposited without alarming the authorities.

Davo Sculdun, Mon Mothma and Tay Kolma in Andor Episode 10Disney+

Dillane gets some absolutely incredible lines, including: “One of the great indulgences of great wealth is the freedom from other people’s opinions”; and describing the Empire’s financial regulations “as cumbersome as they are avoidable… they made it a game, and we play.”

Davo is happy to help and doesn’t ask for any payment for his services. When Mon insists, wishing not to owe him anything, he says “a drop of discomfort may be the cost of doing business.”

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But he actually does have something in mind: an invitation back where he can bring his teenage son to meet her daughter, not to betroth them, but just to have them introduced to each other.

Mon asks Tay to show him out and is left seething with rage. The implication is that Mon and her husband entered into an arranged marriage between two elite families, and she disagrees with the Chandrilan tradition.

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Andor Episode 11 will be available to stream on November 17. You can sign up for Disney+ here.

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