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Amazon renews The Expanse for final season: release date, cast, more

Published: 25/Nov/2020 1:06 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 1:22

by Isaac McIntyre


The Expanse has been renewed for a sixth and final season on Amazon Prime, the sci-fi drama’s showrunners confirmed on Nov. 24. Here’s everything we know about Season 6, including a release date, and which cast members will be back.

The Season 6 renewal comes just three weeks out from the premiere of The Expanse’s fifth season. The Dec 16 release will be the second helmed by Amazon after the Prime streaming platform saved the series from cancellation back in 2018.

The Expanse will now come to a second, more final ending with its sixth season. 

Amazon Studios television co-head Vernon Sanders said he hopes fans enjoy a “satisfying conclusion to the series,” one the streaming platform believes “they deserve.” He added the production team has a feeling fans will “love how seasons five and six unfold.”

Here’s everything we know about the sixth and final season of The Expanse so far; including an Amazon Prime release date, the plot of the final episodes, and which cast members are expected to return for the show’s last hoorah.

The Expanse will wrap up its story in its sixth and final season.
Amazon Studios
The Expanse will wrap up its story in its sixth and final season.

Season 6 release date

While The Expanse Season 5 has a hard and firm release date ⁠— the season will begin airing on Dec. 16 ⁠— the final season may be a little harder to pin down. 

There’s “tentative” plans to begin a shooting run in late January, 2021, Deadline has reported, but the penciled-in dates, and an expected late 2021 release date, are all “subject to change amid fluid global conditions.” Amazon has yet to lock in a specific date.

If things go according to plan, however, The Expanse Season 6 should arrive a year after its earlier season. That should put the last season around mid-Dec. 2021.

Season 6 is penciled in for a December 2021 release date, but is subject to change.
Amazon Studios
Season 6 is penciled in for a December 2021 release date, but is subject to change.

Cas Anvar won’t be returning

The biggest news ahead of Season 6 production is that Cas Anvar will no longer be a part of The Expanse heading into 2021. The star, who played Martian pilot Alex Kamal, has stepped down following several allegations of abuse and harassment.

He will still be included in the show’s fifth season, however. It is not yet clear if his character will be killed off during Season 5, which was filmed pre-allegations.

The rest of the cast, led by Steven Strait (Holden), will all be back. This includes Wes Chatham (Amos), Dominique Tipper (Naomi), Frankie Adams (Bobbie), Cara Gee (Drummer), and Shohreh Aghdashloo (Avasarala).

Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar is also set to return for the final season, and will see out his tenure as the space opera’s leading helmsman in Season 6.

The Expanse's ever-growing cast will likely expand again in Seasons 5 and 6.
Amazon Studios
The Expanse’s ever-growing cast will likely expand again in Seasons 5 and 6.

The popular Amazon series is based on a number of books by James S.A. Corey. The literary franchise’s last installment, ‘Leviathan Falls,’ is not expected out until mid-2021. It will be the ninth book in the series.

The second-last season of The Expanse is just a few weeks away. Amazon is expected to drop three episodes, as they do for most blockbuster launches on their streaming platform these days, on Dec. 16. Season 5 will run for 10 episodes.


Ninja teases work in leading role on an upcoming TV show

Published: 8/Jan/2021 2:27 Updated: 8/Jan/2021 4:51

by Brad Norton


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has started work on a mysterious TV show, teasing fans on details surrounding his role as one of the leading characters.

Ninja’s rise to mainstream stardom isn’t slowing down anytime soon as the internet celebrity has teased his involvement in a brand new TV show. Details are scarce and there’s no telling when this show might be revealed, but the streamer did provide some key information in his announcement.

The specific work appears to be for an animated series as Ninja’s involvement has been purely voiceover work for the time being. “recorded my first voice over for a main role in a TV show today,” he said on January 7.

“Although I can’t share more yet, voice acting is so fun. A huge passion of mine that I’m starting to get to live out.”

It’s only been a matter of months since Ninja made one of the biggest moves of his career. Brad Pitt and Chris Evans are just a few of the names Ninja is now brushing shoulders with at Hollywood’s biggest talent agency, the Creative Artists Agency.

This major deal appears to be paying dividends in big ways already. A leading role in an animated series isn’t something you see from popular content creators every day.

Leading this charge is exactly what Ninja set his sights on months back. Focusing on “literally anything and everything Hollywood” is what he outlined to Hollywood Reporter in July 2020

That means everything from an appearance on the Masked Singer to work on various cartoons as well.

Ninja on Masked Singer
Ninja’s first big televised appearance came on hit Fox show The Masked Singer.

It’s only a matter of time until we find out exactly what this show looks like. Could Ninja be the actual character in the animated series? Or is he purely providing his voice for someone else’s creation? We’ll just have to wait and see.

This isn’t the only major Hollywood production Ninja is involved with at this point in his career. Upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy is set to feature a number of major content creators, with Ninja chief among them.