Abigail ending explained: Who dies in the new vampire horror movie?

Daisy Phillipson
Alisha Weir as Abigail in Abigail

What happens in the Abigail ending? The new vampire movie is in cinemas now, so we’ve broken down the ending to the blood-soaked horror flick. Here’s what happens in the final scene, the characters’ identities, and who dies. 

Scream team Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are back once more with Abigail. The new movie sees a group of ragtag criminals hired by a man named Lambert (Giancarlo Esposito) to kidnap a tween ballerina, Abigail (Alisha Weir), and hold her for ransom.

Their job is simple: keep her in a stately home for 24 hours, and bag a big payday. But, their plans descend into bloody chaos when they realize this isn’t just any girl — she’s a blood-sucking creature of the night. 

It’s one of the goriest horror movies of 2024, with numerous twists and turns along the way. So, let’s dig into the Abigail ending. Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

How does Abigail end?

Abigail’s ending sees Abigail and Joey (Melissa Barrera) team up to defeat Frank, who has been turned into a vampire by Lambert in a bid to kill the titular vampire. 

You see, Lambert hasn’t been honest about the real intention behind this job. Rather than orchestrating a ransom payout, he’s actually working for Abigail’s father, bringing people who betrayed the family business to the house for Abigail to toy with and, ultimately, kill. As she tells the group, “I like to play with my food.”

Following a lot of chaos and a lot of deaths (more on this in a bit), the surviving Frank (played by Dan Stevens) and Joey make it into the control room of the house. Here, they find Lambert, who reveals he’s also a vampire. But he’s not there to kill them both — he wants to offer Frank a deal. 

Abigail turned Lambert two years ago after finding out he’d helped Frank. Now, all he does is bring her father Kristof Lazar’s enemies to the house. He wants out, and proposes he turn Frank into a vampire so they can kill Abigail and Lazar, and run the business themselves. 

Frank agrees and is turned by Lambert, who tells him that Joey will be his first victim. But in a dark twist, he kills Lambert for setting him up, allowing Joey to run as he turns his attention to Abigail. 

Frank catches up to Joey, who says he’s going to make her his puppet. Abigail jumps in to stop him, but she’s too weak to take him alone, so she and Joey make a deal to kill Frank. In return, she’ll let her walk free. 

Joey and Abigail in Abigail
Joey and Abigail strike up a deal to kill Frank

At the end of the horror movie, after killing Frank (in bloody, explosive fashion), Lazar shows up — and he’s hungry. Abigail manages to guilt trip her dad into sparing Joey’s life, saying, “She was here when you weren’t.” Vampires have feelings too, and he lets Joey leave. He tells her to scram, as it’s “getting awfully close to dinner time.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Dracula, Lazar says he’s had many names over the years, essentially implying he was once known as the world’s most famous creature of the night.

Who dies in Abigail?

Alongside Frank and Lambert, many of the criminals involved in Abigail’s kidnapping die, including:

  • Dean (Angus Cloud)
  • Rickles (William Catlett)
  • Peter (Kevin Durand)
  • Sammy (Kathryn Newton)

These deaths are, of course, truly gory. Dean, portrayed by the late Angus Cloud in his final role, is the first to go, having been decapitated by the eponymous vampire. Then it’s Rickles who becomes Abigail’s next meal. 

The cast of Abigail
From left to right is Dean, Sammy, Peter, Frank, Joey, and Rickles

Sammy gets turned into a puppet after being bitten by the vamp (you only turn into a full vampire when you get bitten and drink the biter’s blood). Abigail then uses Sammy to kill Peter, before Frank and Joey kill Sammy by reflecting sunlight onto her body, causing her to explode. As said, Lambert is killed by Frank, who is then killed by Joey and Abigail. 

The characters’ real identities, explained

Early in the film, Lambert relays the job to the group and sets a few ground rules: don’t use real names and don’t reveal anything personal. They believe this is because of the criminal nature of the job, but the real reason is that they might just figure out how they’re all connected.

Thanks to these rules, they give themselves nicknames, so you’ve got Joey, Frank, Rickles, Sammy, Dean, and Peter. When they finally realize what’s going down, the surviving characters manage to drug Abigail and trap her in the basement. It’s at this point she reveals their real identities and why they’re there. 

The cast of Abigail
Abigail exposes their past misdeeds

Firstly, Sammy is actually Jessica Hurney, who started her career siphoning money from her rich parents’ bank accounts. Stealing from their hedge funds and private offshore accounts, she eventually moved onto bigger fish, including Abigail’s father’s business. 

Peter is Terrence Lacroix, a henchman for a subsidiary of Lazar’s empire who started stealing money from the crew. As for Frank, his real name is Adam Beret, an undercover cop who infiltrated Lazar’s New York arm. When three of the people he’d grown close to were arrested, Abigail ripped them to pieces, and Adam changed his name and left town. 

Finally, Joey is Anna Lucia Cruz, a former army medic who was kicked out of service due to a morphine addiction. She tried to take care of her son before abandoning him with his father due to her addiction, and became an underground doctor for some shady people. One day, while high, she accidentally nicked an artery of a man while trying to remove a bullet, causing them to bleed out — but the patient happened to be important to Lazar’s business. 

Will there be an Abigail 2?

There are currently no plans for an Abigail 2, with Radio Silence’s Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin suggesting they never intended to spawn a franchise. There’s also no post-credits scene. However, if it were to go ahead, the cast are keen (even if their characters are dead). 

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, William Catlett said he’d be up for a sequel. “It was one of the best crews I’ve ever worked for and one of the best casts I’ve been a part of,” he said.

Adding to this, Kevin Durand said, “Radio Silence set the tone for the whole film, where they were just having so much fun, living out their dreams making this movie. It was just truly, 100% contagious. We all were laughing constantly while making this, it was a wonderful experience.”

Abigail is out in cinemas now. We also spoke to the cast about who would win in a fight between Abigail and M3GAN, and we have to agree with their answer. If you’re looking for more fresh content, check out all the new movies streaming this month, or TV shows to add to your watchlist.

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