Woman under fire for not picking up dog’s poo after apartment charges her for it

Meera Jacka
Woman under fire for not picking up dog's poo after apartment charges her for it

A woman is facing backlash after sharing on TikTok that her apartment is threatening to evict her due to dog poo being left outside the complex.

Taking on a pet is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when it’s a pet that requires a lot of care such as a dog.

Proper food and exercise are needed to ensure your furry friend lives a long and happy life, but another big part of pet ownership is cleaning up after them.

Now one woman is facing the wrath of TikTok after sharing on the social media platform that the building manager of her apartment complex had sent a hefty fine after dog droppings were found outside.

Sav, who shares a TikTok account with her partner under the name ‘sav_zionwalker‘, revealed the fine came months after the couple signed a contract agreeing that all dog poo had to be properly cleaned. Any droppings left behind would otherwise be DNA tested by the complex, with serious consequences if found guilty.

Claiming the pair did clean up after their dog, Sav was shocked to receive three letters simultaneously, each containing a violation with a total fine of $1,050. On top of this, the couple were told they had three days to rehome their dog or face eviction.

However, while Sav was hoping for some advice on TikTok, viewers quickly sided with the building manager. Comments slammed the couple for not cleaning after their dog, with many wishing their building managers also enforced similar rules.

“While the timing of the notices is f***** up, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Having a dog means PICKING UP AFTER THEM,” one person wrote. But Sav claims the violations are incorrect and that she and Zion are, in fact, good dog owners.

“The issue here is we pick up the poop,” Sav said in a follow-up TikTok. “They’re charging us, but we literally pick up the poop.”

Nonetheless, many viewers weren’t convinced. One said, “The comment section didn’t go the way you hoped. You obviously don’t pick up the poop if they tested and it belonged to your dog.”

“‘We ALWAYS pick up the poop!’ — every dog owner ever. I’ve never talked to anyone who says anything different, yet poop is everywhere,” another wrote.

As of now, there is no update on whether Sav and Zion were able to sort out the issue with their building manager.

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