What is TikTok’s ‘candy salad trauma dump’ trend? Users reveal their worst memories

Molly Byrne
candy salad trauma dump on TikTok

TikTokers reveal their most horrific traumas as they dump their favorite candies into a bowl for the ‘candy salad trauma dump’ trend.

In May, TikTok’s ‘candy salad’ trend went viral as users came together with their favorite candies and a group of friends to make a salad much sweeter than a leafy green one.

As each person dumped their favorite candy into a bowl, they introduced themselves – much like kindergartener Anderdingus, who went viral for being the most “adorable” candy salad trendsetter.

In a new wave of TikTok’s ‘candy salad’ trend, posters are admitting their most horrific traumas as they dump a bag of candy into a bowl.

TikToker Jess K went viral with her friend Alexa for their take on the trauma candy dump. Before Jess poured her first bag of candy, she revealed she had been “robbed at gunpoint.”

Jess followed up by saying everyone called her “Dumbo” when she was little. But what viewers found “unmatched,” was Jess’s admittance of kids in middle school calling her names like “fire crotch” and “gingivitis” since her hair is red.

TikToker Parker Pannell did the ‘candy salad trauma dump’ trend with his family, during which he revealed that his mom gave him edamame when he was 6 months old.

The vegetable then got stuck in his throat, and after doctors performed surgery, he was left with “permanent damage” to his vocal cords.

His sister Lucy then outed him for having broken four of her fingers, three of which were “shut in a door.”

And when TikToker Gabriella and her friends dumped their trauma and candy into a bowl, she revealed she spent the first four years of her life in a not-so-great environment.

After her friend mentioned her traumas, viewers of their viral clip couldn’t help but fall in love with her “vibe.”

Much like the ‘candy salad trauma dump’ trend, TikTok’s ‘match my freak’ trend sees users reveal personal memories.

While they might not be the worst things that have ever happened to them, TikTokers have gone viral for exposing some of the most embarrassing things they do with the hope that they gain the likes of people with similar interests.