TikTokers show off their creativity to adapt following UMG’s music withdrawal

Meera Jacka
TikTokers show off their creativity to adapt following UGM's music withdrawal

Since UMG removed all their sounds from TikTok, users of the platform are proving their adaptability by getting creative with their content.

For a moment, TikTok‘s future seemed uncertain after Universal Music Group (UMG) published an open letter revealing their plans to pull all owned sounds off the platform.

TikTok’s license to use UMG’s music expired on January 31, resulting in the latter beginning the process of removing music. This means TikTokers will soon have to bid farewell to many of their favorite artists, including Taylor Swift, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Harry Styles, and Billie Eilish.

However, despite concerns that this new era would signify the downfall of TikTok, users are proving they are not so easily scared away, instead getting creative with the content they post.

Rather than leave TikTok, users are now using royalty-free music to combat UMG’s decision. This includes starting whole dance trends with hilarious backing tracks to replace popular songs.

Others have taken to singing covers of UMG’s music to avoid catching themselves with a copyright strike or having their TikToks muted by the platform.

Accounts dedicated to editing snippets of their favorite TV shows, movies, and celebrities have also found ways around UMG’s music withdrawal. For example, Roxanne — who goes by ‘vsrxedits‘ on TikTok — used SpongeBob‘s iconic opening theme for an edit of Lucas Hauchard, known professionally as ‘Squeezie’ on YouTuber.

“The removal of UMG sounds has unleashed the floodgates of creativity on TikTok,” one user wrote. “[TikTok] is evolving.”

Some predict though that UMG’s decision won’t last long, with one person stating, “I usually find out big artists are releasing new songs on TikTok, so this will probably hurt UMG.”

Whether or not that’ll be the case, it doesn’t seem TikTok’s popularity will be dying down anytime soon as users find creative ways around this latest speedbump.

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