What happened to Sunny Christina? Leaked video drama with Des Spence explained

Alice Sjöberg
SunnyChristinaaa and Des Spence drama explained

TikToker and Kick streamer SunnyChristinaaa was shocked to find out that her ex-boyfriend Des Spence had leaked a private video of the two of them on Discord live on her livestream.

SunnyChristinaaa is a Kick streamer and TikToker with over 1.3 million followers on the platform and is known for her livestreams on both platforms.

During a recent livestream, Christina was shocked to find out that her ex-boyfriend and fellow TikToker, Des Spence had leaked a private video of the two of them on his Discord server.

The video showed Christina and Desmond in an explicit video clip and was quickly shared across other Discords and platforms.

SunnyChristina reacts to Discord leak live on stream

Christina found out about the leak during a TikTok livestream on February 6. She said: “Did he just put a picture of me in his Discord? Of me like, doing something nasty to him and just sent it out to everybody for free, in his Discord!”

She then goes off camera but is heard crying with her friends trying to comfort her. Christina is heard saying: “Since I didn’t do it, and respecting myself. And I didn’t do it for free and I didn’t send it to little girls.”

Her friends then try to comfort her more by saying Desmond was out of line with what he did, and that it hadn’t been his place to share that.

“He’s still going in his Discord, saying disgusting things,” she said. “Why? What have I done to you? I literally, ever since that night I was over there, I haven’t talked to him, I haven’t spoke to him. Like, it’s him and he keeps trying to do sh*t to bother me! Like, why can’t you just leave me the f**k alone?”

In a different livestream, she told her viewers that her own Discord had told her about the video, and were sending her screenshots to keep her updated, as she was not part of Desmond’s discord.

“People need to stop f**king with my emotions,” she told viewers.

She continued to explain that she was worried about younger people being able to see the leaked video, as the minimum age on Discord is 13.

Christina and Desmond “love triangle” explained

Meanwhile, Desmond discussed the leaked video in his own livestream. He said: “She’s gonna be good, she’s gonna be good y’all. She’ll live.”

Fans have speculated there is a love triangle going on between Christina, Desmond, and his current girlfriend Alexia. Christina and Desmond were previously in a relationship and even had each other’s names tattooed on each other.

Even though their relationship has ended, with Desmond now having a new girlfriend, they are still in close contact. In one livestream from February 2, Christina revealed she and Desmond had been meeting up and kissing recently, even though Des is in a relationship with Alexia.

She told her friend off-screen: “I’m comfortable, I’m real comfortable to come here because [Desmond] has been talking to me, of course I’m comfortable to come [to Desmond’s house]. He talks to me every single day, of course I’m comfortable to come here babe. I was just here yesterday, kissing him.”

Meanwhile, Alexia has yet to comment on the incident.

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