What does ‘Just put the fries in the bag bro’ mean? TikTok meme explained

Maddy Kinkead
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According to TikTok, this is the “worst insult you could get hit with in 2024”, but what does “Just put the fries in the bag bro” actually mean?

You’ve probably seen people comment like this under TikTok videos, or if you’re a little behind the times, you’ve definitely seen someone say: “Sir, this is a Wendy’s?”

This refers to when someone is ranting about something totally irrelevant and annoying. It’s like if you’re taking someone’s order behind the counter of your job and a customer won’t stop going off on a tangent.

Well now, this fast food-themed meme is circulating, and here’s what it means so you can use it next time you feel like burning someone.

mcdonalds employee handing over fries

What it means

It’s basically something you would say to someone if you want to insinuate that you are better than them. Like if you’ve gone to your local drive-thru, and someone you went to high school with still works there.

They’re trying to reminisce on old times or trying to be your friend, and you’re telling them to hurry up and just put the fries in the bag because you’re hungry and in a hurry.

Where did ‘Just put the fries in bag bro’ come from?

According to Know Your Meme, the term’s origins lie in a Facebook meme from November 2022 that went like this:

“I ain’t seen you since high school.”

“Just put my ketchup in the bag bro.”

The phrase changed from ketchup to fries over time and is generally just a low blow to say to someone who you think is a loser.

This TikTok, which pokes fun at NBA player Bronny James, uses the phrase to mock him after he tells a longwinded story about his life in an interview.

Another popular TikTok uses the insult to make fun of people who were famous on TikTok in 2020, but aren’t anymore and are still trying to ride the wave. This TikTok uses some variations of the phrase, including, “I said no pickles bro,” and “Waiter! One ration please!”

One TikToker described the insult, saying: “Like imagine you are so excited to tell your friends the future plans that you have, what you have going on with your life.

“And you start telling them and they look at you and just … ‘just put my fries in the bag, bro.’ I’m throwing hands. I 100 percent would have to throw hands with that.”

So, there you have it, you know how to use this ‘absolute violation’ of an insult. Happy trolling.

That’s not the only food-themed TikTok trend making its rounds, have you tried making a candy salad yet?