Customer furious with Sugar Factory staff after automatic tip added to bill

Lauren Lewis
Viral woman furious over tip

A woman was furious with servers at the Sugar Factory, after an automatic tip was added to her bill, racking up the price.

In a video that has amassed over 4 million views on TikTok, a woman was utterly astounded after she took a look at the bill she’d been given for her meal at the Sugar Factory.

She can be heard shouting at the waitress about the $44 charge, asking “Who is gratuity?” and why they’ve billed her so much. 

One of the employees can be seen visibly laughing, while informing her that “It’s the tip.”

Annoyed, she snaps back with: “Y’all just putting that s**t on there?” to which they simply reply, “yeah.”

She then folds up her receipt and gives in, saying, “all right,” before the video cuts.

TikTok debate woman having automatic tip added to bill

The video, captioned “Nahhhh the @Sugar Factory got me a lil TIGHT !!!!! Tf is GRADTITY !!!!!!!! [sic]” gained a slew of comments after it was posted, with many eager to debate the content. 

Others agreed with the woman, stating that the “Sugar factory is sooooooooo expensive.”

“So they just to choose a tip? Would’ve told them to fix that,” another said, taking the TikToker’s side. 

However, some fellow restaurant servers attempted to explain the charge: “Working in this industry I totally understand. Gratuity is split between servers, runners, cooks etc…”

“If you have a party of 6 or more, gratuity will automatically be on there. Waitresses work for their tips… paycheck would only be $100-200 two weeks.”

One reasoned that there was a middle ground to the situation: “Gratuity is necessary in large groups. I once got gratuity for a burger and fries for just me. It was weird.”

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