TikToker turns two 1,000-piece puzzles into a cosplay in 5 days

Philip Trahan
lie_chee puzzle piece knight armor cosplay tiktok header image

In a now-viral TikTok, cosplayer ‘lie_chee’ showed off an incredible knight’s armor cosplay made out of two 1,000-piece puzzles.

While cosplay usually centers around beloved or iconic characters from pop culture, it doesn’t always have to.

Sometimes cosplayers create things to test their skills and end up make something far beyond what others could have ever imagined.

This is certainly the case with TikToker and cosplay artist lie_chee, who made a knight’s armor cosplay out of two 1,000-piece puzzles in just five days for a contest.

TikToker turns puzzle into an incredible cosplay

Lie_chee posted a video to her TikTok account breaking down the painstaking process of crafting this cosplay in a minute-long video showing each step.

She explains she entered the “CosSLAY” contest that required entrants to “make armor using unconventional materials” in just five days.

Lie_chee chose puzzle pieces for the unconventional material and immediately began working on the piece by purchasing two 1,000-piece puzzles.

The cosplay artist claimed she spent three days solely putting together both puzzles, as each needed to be assembled in order for the cosplay to come together.

Next, lie_chee glued fabric to the back of the puzzle, cut out a cardboard frame for the armor and glued the molded pieces onto the frame.

If the TikTok video fails to load click here.

After spray painting the frame with both a black and metallic silver coat, she moved on to the ‘chainmail’ aspect of the armor which required individual puzzle pieces to be sewed together on fabric.

Finally, lie_chee crafted a cape made out of red linen and fastened it to the armor using puzzle piece buckles with magnets glued to the back.

The cosplayer’s Puzzle Knight costume makes for an incredible finished product, which helped her TikTok go viral.

After just two days, lie_chee’s video has garnered over 4.5 million views and 950,000 likes.

While lie_chee’s five-day armor cosplay challenge may have been an exhausting ordeal, the stunning finished product certainly makes up for all the effort spent.

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