These Harry Potter & Voldemort dancing cosplayers have gone viral on TikTok

Brianna Reeves
dancing harry potter voldemort cosplay

People dressed in Harry and Voldemort cosplay at a Harry Potter-themed Quinceaños have gone viral on TikTok for dancing.

The final mainline Harry Potter film hit theaters over a decade ago in 2011. Yet, the Wizarding World hasn’t vanished in full. The poorly reviewed Fantastic Beasts spinoff franchise released its third film earlier this year.

And WB Games plans to rollout an RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, sometime late in 2022 for consoles and PC. Despite the controversy that continues to plague the image of series creator J.K. Rowling, it seems Harry Potter hasn’t completely lost its staying power.

A viral video on TikTok suggests younger audiences continue to gravitate towards the magical franchise, as well.

Harry Potter and Voldemort cosplay takes TikTok by storm

Earlier this week, TikTok user Gera Tamayo posted a video of what looks like Harry Potter-themed Quinceaños.

People dressed up in Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, and Draco Malfoy garb appear throughout the one-minute video.

However, the pair donning Harry Potter and Voldemort cosplay have especially taken the social media platform by storm.

The typically sworn enemies can be seen dancing together on multiple occasions, their feud set aside in favor of good-natured partying.

Both cosplayers evidently went above and beyond with their costume designs, though the Voldemort getup especially deserves applause.

After all, getting the makeup right for a character with slits for a nose cannot have been easy in the slightest.

TikTok users who’ve commented on the video also seem impressed, with some rating the performance a 10 out of 10. Others said they would have loved to attend such a gathering, purely for the Harry Potter-centric fun of it all.