TikToker goes viral after lightning strikes house with her inside

Alec Mullins
Lightning hits a house in the wild

A TikToker was shocked to receive a message from the universe when a house she was touring was struck by lightning.

There aren’t many worse ways to be introduced to your dream house than to be inside of it when a lightning bolt strikes the roof and absolutely wrecks the exterior, but that’s exactly what happened to TikToker biggdaddichriss.

In a video on her page, she details the full story, saying that she really liked the place but felt like the universe had other plans after disaster struck.

How lightning ruined a TikToker’s potential new home

Chriss was recording a video showing off the house when it happened. While standing in the entrance and panning around the living room, a bright orange flash overtakes the light of the windows and a raucous pop interrupted the relative silence.

It’s hard to tell what happened at first, but after she walks outside and finds a small mountain of debris at the doorstep the situation becomes much clearer.

“Lightning literally struck the house…sign from God?” the caption asked.

In a follow-up video, a further tour of the damage shows her car covered in the remains of the doorstep area and whatever else it was that blew into the air.

A concerned commenter pointed out that the situation could have been much worse if it had happened only a moment earlier: “You were just in that spot…”

Thankfully, Chriss left the situation unharmed, but it does look like it’ll be quite the battle to convince her insurance of exactly what happened even with the help of the videos.

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