Amazon customer gets trapped in their house after delivery goes wrong

Molly Byrne
botched Amazon delivery

An Amazon delivery went viral on TikTok after the customer was left stuck inside their home for over three hours.

In June, TikToker and Amazon customer Holly Ann shared a viral clip of her delivery gone wrong.

While she was inside her home, she became aware of her delivery and went to the door to bring it inside. However, the large package was placed in a position that blocked her front door from opening.

“Amazon, we’re still stuck. It’s been 3 hours… trying to wave down a neighbor,” she captioned her TikTok.

Not only could she not access her package, but she was left stuck inside her home for over three hours. Though she went through a brief moment of panic, Holly Ann laughed it off.

Fortunately, the TikToker had a friend who had already planned to visit her to fix her WiFi, so she knew refuge was on the way.

After her TikTok went viral, viewers questioned why she didn’t jump out of a window and walk around her house to move the package.

She followed up with another video to explain that had she gone out a window and hopped over the fence in her narrow backyard, she would have likely injured herself because of the shape of the fence.

However, had there been a fire – she said she would have likely used the window as an exit.

Some viewers gave suggestions on what to do if that ever happened again. Many people mentioned that Holly Ann should befriend her neighbors. Others agreed that she could include instructions for the delivery driver in the future.

Holly Ann’s botched delivery isn’t the only one to go viral this summer. In June, another Amazon delivery was shared on TikTok after the customer showed how their package ended up on the roof of their home.

After not finding their parcel, the TikToker checked their camera footage from outside and saw that the delivery driver had thrown it over the fence and underestimated the strength of their arm.