Parchment paper CEO melts down over woman’s cooking video in viral saga

Virginia Glaze

The CEO of a parchment paper company is going viral for his “disgusting” response to a woman’s Instagram video that showed her father cooking a meal for her.

The latest viral saga taking over the internet all started when one woman decided to upload a video to Instagram after she bought her father some HexClad cookware.

To thank her for the gift, her dad cooked her a special meal in his new pans. While most viewers found the video to be quite wholesome, one netizen in particular was less than impressed with it.

Enter Brad Howard, the CEO of a parchment paper company by the name ‘parchmentpaperdotcom,’ who left a comment saying, “Must be nice living life on easy mode.”

Initially thinking the comment was complimentary, the woman wrote back: “Lucky to have parents who make it possible.”

That wasn’t Howard’s intention, however, and he hit back with a scathing remark: “Yeah, we get it. You have no skills and family money.”

CEO slammed after “cyberbullying” woman over cooking video

The woman was perplexed, assuming that the parchment paper business account must have been hacked. She decided to take action and emailed the company directly, warning them that their profile might have been compromised by someone “leaving cyberbullying comments.”

This was not the case. Howard directly emailed her back, accusing her of having “no skill set” and “frolicking through life with family money.” In the email, he also encouraged her to call the “cyberbully police,” telling her to “delete the comment and move on.”

That was far from the end of Howard’s antics, though. He returned to the woman’s page and left another critical comment, telling her to “enjoy frolicking through life and leave the rest up to us adults who create actual economic value without a trust fund.”

The woman, who goes by the name ‘DineinToronto,’ shared the email (along with Howard’s personal information) in a response video on TikTok, where she clarified that her parents grew up in “mud huts” and worked hard to emigrate from India to give their daughter a better life.

Her video went viral, racking up over two million views since January 26. It looks like all the attention got to Howard, who sent a phony “seize and desist” notice to the TikToker… but she couldn’t help but laugh at his spelling.

Howard then sent another ‘legal notice’ to the woman, saying he “fixed the typos in case you couldn’t figure out we’re very serious about this issue” and accused her of defamation. The cherry on top was that Howard had included a legal company at the bottom of his notice, which the TikToker promptly phoned. The company — Rocket Lawyer  — denied writing up the notice and told her it “looked like a phishing scam.”

That’s not all; Howard took things a step further and signed up the woman’s work email for dozens of inappropriate websites. However, in doing so, he ended up exposing his personal details, including his IP address, which the TikToker found was in California… somewhere she is not.

Howard then took to his Instagram account for his separate business, ‘blacklabelpaper,’ to put the TikToker on blast, posting a lengthy statement to his stories where in he said the woman was “too immature to settle this privately and I’m not going to let some woke hate mob ruin my reputation because they live in some mystical fairy land of make believe.”

Howard even held a “crybaby sale” on his company website, where he also allegedly added a banner that read: “We do NOT support woke feminist cancel culture hate mob groups who do nothing positive in our community” — on top of reaching out to the woman’s boss in hopes that would make her take down her videos about the situation.

At the time of writing, Howard’s Instagram and TikTok profiles are no longer available, and his business websites cannot be reached.

The drama has gone mega-viral on social media as commenters continue to weigh in on the CEO’s over-the-top response to a woman’s wholesome video that somehow spiraled into this wild scenario.

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