Mom shocked after 10-year-old daughter sends $1,200 to YouTuber

Dylan Horetski
TikToker looking into the camera

A mom on TikTok was left shocked after finding out her 10-year-old daughter sent $1,200 to her favorite YouTuber.

Kids are getting access to the internet at younger ages nowadays, and without the proper settings, they may have access to the family’s shared payment methods.

TikToker meet_desiree learned this the hard way after she found out that her 10-year-old daughter sent $1,200 to her favorite YouTuber IBella in the form of a SuperChat so that the creator would see her message on stream.

Desiree uploaded a video sharing the incident and revealed how she’s having the 10-year-old repay her for the massive YouTube donation.

“She has to pay me back somehow,” she said. “I’ve come up with a list of extra chores that she can do that includes things like vacuuming out my car or wiping down the baseboards.”

Desiree said that each of the extra chores have a dollar amount tied to them that when done, comes off the $1,200 that she spent.

Users quickly flocked to the comments to share their thoughts, helping the video go viral in the process.

“I must be old bc I don’t even know what a superchat is on YT or how it could possible cost $1200,” one user replied.

Another commented: “Add deep cleaning the fridge to the list. Whenever it was due, my mom would wait for one of us to mess up and ground us to hard labor.”

Luckily, Desiree was able to get the money back into her account by disputing the charge with her bank — but it’s clear that many agree with how she’s handling the situation with her daughter.

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