Utah mom paid her daughter $500 for 100 dates and TikTok approves 

Molly Byrne
An unnamed girl from Utah celebrates with her family after going on 100 dates for $500.

A mother in Utah has paid her daughter $500 for going on 100 individual dates over the course of multiple years.

Overbearing mothers can be a pain, but one girl from Utah found out just how far her mom would go to make sure she doesn’t end up alone.

A mom from Utah recently proposed that her daughter go on 100 dates with 100 single men in exchange for $500.

After the video of the girl and her family celebrating her 100th date went viral, TikTokers have reacted, and most are in favor of the idea.

TikTok goes wild for daughter who was paid $500 for 100 dates

One TikToker has gone viral after sharing footage of a party thrown for her sister, who just went on 100 dates. The video shows not only a celebratory cake, but the sister (whose age is unknown), scrolling through the list of potential suitors.

The caption, “when your mom pays your sister $500 for going on 100 dates with 100 different guys before getting married,” invites plenty of questions as to why the mom felt her daughter needed to date 100 men before getting hitched.

It also begs the question of whether this mom has gone too far, but TikTok doesn’t seem to think so.

People have flooded the comment section of the viral video with support for the idea, saying, “Honestly this is a golden idea. But I’d need a lot more than $500 to do 100 first dates. It’s rough out there.”

While another shared her experience, saying, “As someone who had to go on a ridiculous number of dates before I met my BF, it would have been nice to get a little bonus gift for it.”

Other commenters were even insisting that this be made into a movie, saying, “This is the start of a rom-com, but she falls in love with guy 99 and drama ensues.”

Though it “took years” for the unnamed girl to finish her 100 dates for $500, she and her family celebrated finishing the long list of names on her phone with a cake and candle that read “100.”

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