Gordon Ramsay reveals insane fishing haul on TikTok after Iceland trip

Philip Trahan
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International chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay claims he’s “going pescatarian” after showing off his extremely impressive fishing haul on TikTok during an Iceland trip.

Gordon Ramsay has found incredible success on the social media platform TikTok as of late, with his posts often gaining millions of views.

Though the posts that often go viral are of him reacting to some disturbing food challenge or failed recipe, Ramsay isn’t afraid to show his personal life.

Now, Ramsay has gone viral for he claiming he’s “going pescatarian” after he showed off a portion of his incredible fishing haul on TikTok following a recent trip to Iceland.

Gordon Ramsay reveals insane Icelandic fishing haul

Despite only being a six-second TikTok, Ramsay posed with over 20 different fish, including Icelandic salmon and trout, set to “Listen to Me Now” by framed.

It’s unclear whether or not Ramsay is in Iceland filming some kind of television special or if he’s simply there to enjoy the salmon fishing season on some time off.

However, Ramsay isn’t fishing alone so fans of the Hell’s Kitchen chef could expect another special about his escapades scoping out the Nordic nation.

According to the Icelandic news outlet IcelandMonitor.com, Ramsay was spotted visiting the restaurant Þrastarlundur twice during his trip, according to the restaurant’s owner, Jónsdóttir.

Apparently, Jónsdóttir knew this thanks to her connections with the people “renting out the fishing licenses in Sogið, where Ramsay is currently fishing.”

One thing that’s clear is that Ramsay certainly isn’t commenting on the recent controversy surrounding him thanks to another one of his viral TikTok involving lambs.

The celebrity chef caused a stir among fans after he posted a TikTok of himself entering a lamb pen and playfully choosing a lamb for slaughter.

While his TikTok incensed some fans, with some claiming that Ramsay “needed a break from TikTok,” that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his food-related posts.