Deaf and blind dog leads Airbnb guests on Turks and Caicos beach excursion

Molly Byrne
Dog goes viral in Turks and Caicos

An adorable dog who is deaf and blind walks Airbnb guests to a local beach in Turks and Caicos each morning.

Sometimes, vacations don’t go as planned — and for the lucky guests who bunk up at a specific Airbnb in Turks and Caicos, that is just the case.

The air is salty, the sun is strong, and the Airbnb is… dog approved? That’s right!

Not only do people who stay at The Lighthouse Cottages Airbnb in Thompson’s Cove have the beach within walking distance, but they also have a special local guide dog to lead them there.

Soldier enjoys his time in Turks and Caicos after leading Airbnb guests to a local beach.
Soldier enjoys his time in Turks and Caicos after leading Airbnb guests to a local beach.

Girl said she’ll follow Soldier “anywhere”

TikTok is going crazy over a deaf and blind dog named Soldier, as his viral video has already reached 2.5 million viewers and has 94K comments on the video-sharing app.

As if being an elderly dog wasn’t cute enough, Soldier takes adorable and wholesome to a whole other level by greeting Caribbean vacay goers each morning.

Though those who stay at the Sail Away Cottages in Turks and Caicos may have their day planned out, Soldier thinks otherwise, as he likes to lead those who stay at the cottages to a local beach whenever he can.

People who have caught wind of the lovable pup have taken to social media to comment on his ushering, saying, “I would follow that dog anywhere it wanted to take me.”

Another shared her experience, saying, “I think everyone has loved him because every single entry in the guest book talks about how they don’t want to leave him.”

Some even cheekily joked about Soldier taking his job very seriously by comparing him to a concierge, while others giddily agreed that it would be the “only” Airbnb they approve of.

Not only is Soldier a local attraction, but he also has his own home within the Airbnb where he rests his paws before his next beach tour.