Tekken pros rush stage to hug producer after major character reveals - Dexerto

Tekken pros rush stage to hug producer after major character reveals

Published: 2/Dec/2018 20:20 Updated: 3/Dec/2018 19:46

by Virginia Glaze


The 2018 Tekken World Tour Finals are underway, which means that major character reveals are in store. Just before the Top 8 bracket went live on December 2, producer Katsuhiro Harada took to the main stage to let loose some new fighters – and the crowd went wild.

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The remainder of Tekken 7’s Season 2 DLC roster was completely revealed, first unveiling Vale Tudo fighter Marduk – followed by the surprise reveal of classic character Armor King.

However, those weren’t the only characters revealed during the Finals; after Armor King’s reveal, a third, unexpected character took over the big screen, sending both spectators and pros over the edge.


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Native American fighter Julia Chang appeared in a short segment as the season’s fifth DLC character, inciting major excitement from the assembled Tekken fans. Pro player Seong-ho ‘Chanel’ Kang rushed onto the stage just after Julia’s reveal, embracing Harada in a passionate hug.

Chanel wasn’t the only pro to break protocol, either; noted Master Raven (and Marduk) main Shimon ‘Tissuemon’ Kawai had to show his appreciation, as well, following suit to give Harada yet another hug in the wake of Chanel’s passionate embrace.

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Julia’s appearance didn’t mark the end of Season Two’s reveals, though; The Walking Dead’s Negan likewise made a waves in a lengthy trailer, taking on Tekken 7’s cast with his deadly baseball bat, Lucille.


The 2018 TWT Finals have provided a slew of notable moments, including a hilarious bit between casters Reepal ‘Rip’ Parbhoo and Ryan Hart during the Last-Chance Qualifier, who got into a heated debate over their Tekken prowess.

Update: You can now watch the hilarious action from Chanel’s own perspective, thanks to his live video of the reveal.