YouTuber Glarses spends $15k to build the “biggest keyboard in the world”

Joel Loynds
glarses with the giant keyboard

Glarses, a tech YouTuber who focuses on keyboards, has gone and spent £12,000 on creating a jumbo-sized keyboard for a tech show.

The latest hilarious video from Glarses is not only a race against time but an interesting look at how expensive some of these ludicrous YouTube projects can get.

Glarses, based in the UK, is a tech YouTuber who reviews and makes videos about keyboards. It’s his niche and he’s been involved with some massive creators. KSI was trapped in a room with him while he built a keyboard, and Glarses has even built Tubbo a custom keyboard with a giant enter button.

The Youtuber has spent the last year building what he claims is one of the largest keyboards “in the world”. It’s all inspired by Razer’s massive novelty keyboard that appears at events. After requesting to buy it and being denied, he set out to make his own.

Everything from the PCB, stabilizers on the space bar, and even the switches are entirely custom-made. It’s a fascinating and transparent look into just how much investment needed to be made.

The keyboard itself uses giant blue switches, giving a satisfying click whenever you press them. Glarses even made a full numpad for the device and soldered it with the help of his crew.

Giant keyboard in the making

Despite having a year to plan and gather the pieces for the build, the ticking clock of a week is suddenly cut short when he got ill during the project. You’ll have to see how that shakes out, but it results in one of the funniest videos about a keyboard to grace YouTube.

On top of this, Glarses then featured it at an event. The £12,000 project was originally going to be sponsored, but both companies offering the money to do so pulled out during production.

Despite this, Glarses seemingly remains upbeat about it all and is incredibly transparent about how much money was lost when he found out certain parts didn’t fit together.

If Glarses does see this, we want a go on the giant keyboard.

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