Xbox Series S deal includes a free digital game for $300

Joel Loynds
Xbox Series S Deal

Amazon and Best Buy are currently running a promotion where you can get the Xbox Series S and a free digital game for the same price as the console itself. It’s a great deal that offers fantastic value.

The Xbox Series S continues to be one of the best consoles on the market right now. With a low cost to entry at just $300, it makes for an excellent Game Pass machine and you can still keep up to date with all the latest games if you’re not too fussed over 4K gaming.

Right now, the deal at Amazon and Best Buy includes a variety of games released this year. For $300, you get a pick of the following:

Amazon Xbox Series S deal

Best Buy Xbox Series S deals

The Best Buy deal isn’t live as of writing but should include a similar, selection of games.

Even from the choice of games, you’re getting some absolute corkers from this year. However, we’d recommend staying away from Forza Horizon and Halo Infinite, as those games are available on the fantastic Game Pass.

Game Pass is so that good, that we’re recommending that you potentially invest in the Series S just to get easy access to it. The variety of games that come to it are astounding, including the Yakuza series, a rumored (but pretty much confirmed) Death Stranding, and with Game Pass Ultimate, there’s EA Play included.

You’ll also get access to streaming, so you can play a variety of games with no install time while you wait on those precious downloads.

To increase storage space, we’re also recommending that you get hold of either an SSD for those older titles or one of Seagate’s plug-and-play expansion drives for Xbox Series X/S games.

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