Uber Eats mocked over AI-generated food images and absurd new “Lelnach” dressing

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Uber Eats is facing backlash after restaurants started using AI-generated food images in their menus and the results are utterly ridiculous.

Using accurate photos of products on sale is typically considered an ideal practice, but restaurants have been caught using AI to generate photos of food on Uber Eats.

AI continues to be a hot topic in 2023 with technology improving and controversy surrounding AI’s ability to create content, potentially taking jobs away from people.

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The latest incident, however, shows that the technology still has a long way to go after users spotted restaurants using AI-generated photos of their food.

Bizarre AI-generated Uber Eats food goes viral

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, user ‘realonlineboy’ uploaded screenshots of a pizza restaurant’s Uber Eats menu and how weird some of the food items look.

Uber Eats is using AI for pictures of food. It doesn’t know that ‘pie’ means pizza,” they wrote, pointing to one of the images being of an actual pie.

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Additionally, the restaurant even made up a new ranch dressing called “Lelnach” with the letting on the product all deformed in typical AI fashion.

JustinWhang retweeted the post with his own discoveries, including weird images of what appears to be an alphabet soup pizza hybrid that users started mocking as containing “ancient runes.”

In the comments, realonlineboy explained that this wasn’t a “ghost kitchen” as many thought, but rather a real New York City pizza shop that’s been around for a while called Tony’s Pizzeria & Restaurant.

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It’s not clear if the restaurant itself uploaded the AI images or if there was some other shenanigans at work, but that hasn’t stopped social media from making a mockery of the sloppy AI with some even wishing they could chow down on the absurd-looking meals.

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